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Unlock the advantages of a unified strategic approach across branding, web design and online marketing to ignite your ROI.

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You’ve found Sydney’s experts in creative web development, marketing and branding

As a Sydney Branding Agency, Web Design and Digital Marketing, we have a full in-house team of brand experts, design specialists, marketing strategists, content writers, web designers and developers. Within the Spark Sydney office our team of highly skilled professionals work collaboratively towards achieving the ultimate results for our clients.

Through our unique integrated approach that unites branding, digital marketing & web design, Sydney businesses benefit from a complete end-to-end solution to their marketing. With Spark overseeing the entire process, we take the load off, enabling our clients to focus on their business while we drive their marketing success. You too can enjoy the peace of mind knowing your brand, website and marketing is achieving the best return on investment. Are you ready to ignite your business with a Spark!

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Why Spark?

The right web solutions for your business

As a Sydney-based website design agency, we are passionate about web design, digital marketing, and branding.

With Spark, you’ll benefit from a dedicated Sydney-based Digital Marketing Strategist. With one single point of contact, we’ll be in tune with your business and provide valuable insights as you grow and evolve. Our proven methodology ensures fast, dependable deployment with a proactive strategic approach and tangible results.

Choosing us means gaining an integrated approach across the entire digital landscape for better value outcomes. Beyond providing tools for results, we empower you with full control of your marketing assets, and we’re there to support you for the long term.


Spark provides an integrated marketing, technology and design partnership for businesses with a vision to grow.


Partner with Spark to ignite the full potential of your business and fast-track to the next level.

Marketing Ideas

Seize an array of digital marketing opportunities backed by experienced advice, technological expertise and creative visual design.

Our Portfolio

From brand creation to custom built web solutions, we’ve got you covered

Who we work with

Logo of Wentworth Community Housing featuring a simplified house icon above the text "wentworth community housing" on a plain background.
Logo of Smith+Nephew in gray text on a white background.
Logo of Indigenous Business Australia featuring stylized text and dot art forming "IBA.
Logo of City West Housing featuring a stylized building within a shield and the company name in bold, modern font.
Logo of Dymocks Tutoring featuring a red background, white text, and a graduation cap icon above the word "Dymocks," designed to complement modern interior design aesthetics.
Logo of Grosvenor Engineering Group, featuring the name in blue text with a bracket on the right, suitable for interior design themes.

What our clients say

We have been fortunate to work with clients from all over Australia. If you are in Sydney, there’s nothing better than meeting face to face.

Medical Oncology Specialist
Calvary Mater Newcastle

Recently updated on December 10th, 2020 at 08:38 am

Spark have produced a high quality, user friendly and intuitive product that has enhanced our capability beyond our wildest expectations. Their attention to detail and customer service is to be commended.

Byrons Drums
Director - Ethical Grocer

Recently updated on December 10th, 2020 at 08:38 am

We were not the most easiest of clients! But the team @ Spark interact took in on (even with our small budget) and helped us refine our website. The key to our future growth is to provide a simple way for people to be well informed about affordable Organics and Mackey and his team is not only taking care of our present needs but always in discussion about our potential need for our customer group and ourselves.

Ray Goodman
NT Office Installations

Recently updated on June 7th, 2021 at 03:05 pm

Firstly a big thank you to you and your team for your patience in this process. As busy as we are we get things like this started but never seem to be able to finish, your help has been very much appreciated. Secondly, thanks for making us look so good!! The doc is fantastic, everything we could have wanted.

Steven Keats
Marketing Manager - Preference Floors

Recently updated on December 4th, 2020 at 04:26 pm

Great working with Spark Interact, from creative design to web creation and optimisation. Carol, Mackey and their team have provided enormous support and creative input to help us manage the complexity of presenting our growing product range and online presence. They remain valued member of our business support network.

Luom Ousby Designer

Recently updated on December 4th, 2020 at 04:26 pm

Working recently with Spark Interact to create a Custom Website for my business has been such a lovely, stress free experience. I highly recommend their services! And I will continue to use them for any future projects. Carol and Mackey, were so accommodating to any requests that I had, and responded so promptly. During all meetings they really helped me with their expert advice to steer me in the right direction to live out the vision I had for my business. Their personal and professional service is 10/10. Which is so important these days when running any business.

Thanks so much Carol, Mackey and Aimee for all your effortless work and commitment, and creating this fantastic website!!!

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“It was clear from the beginning that they were a good match for us”.

Web Design FAQs

What are the steps to designing a website?

At Spark, our web design services involve a process that has been tried and tested over time to deliver the most effective outcome for our clients. The starting point is always a meeting, either face to face or remotely via teleconference or phone call.Here we aim to get a good understanding of our client’s business, goals, and objectives. We then go to work and create a sitemap and wireframes to show our client’s proposed structure of the site. Next, we design visuals to show our client the design direction we will take.

Creating a website is a collaborative process, and we encourage our clients to give their feedback at each step before we begin the programming stage. Proof checking, testing, and more testing is the final stage in our web design service to ensure we deliver our clients a complete and professional website.

How long does it take to develop a website?

Here are some general timeframes for building a website.

A single page scrolling website is the fastest website build. Although it is a single page site, it has the appearance of different pages controlled by the scrolling function. This site can be built in a matter of 3 to 5 days. A multi page 5 to 7 page site takes an average of 4 weeks. And a more complex site of 15 plus pages can take up to 10 weeks.

How much does it cost to design a website?

A Spark built website is a complete product that leaves no loose ends. All pages are built, content added and styled so that the site is a cohesive and professional finished product. Our Sydney web design services range price from $3500 – $5500 as an average indication. Of course, more complex sites that have special custom features will be more expensive.

Should I hire a web designer or do it myself?

Websites are a critical component of any business, so it is essential you develop a website of high calibre. We suggest hiring a professional web designer as this means all essential aspects will be included. This may not be achievable when taking on website design yourself as each aspect requires a high level of understanding and specialisation. These include:

  1. Unique design 
  2. Seamless user experience 
  3. Mobile responsiveness 
  4. Room for limitless growth 
  5. Comprehensive SEO
What are the benefits of using WordPress as opposed to the do-it-yourself online builders?

WordPress provides more functionality and flexibility. It is an advanced platform that allows for more unique tailoring and expression of creativity.

Do-it-yourself builders don’t let you go beyond their provided templates and can be limited when it comes to functionality. WordPress, however, combined with a solid knowledge of coding will allow you to run for free and create a website that is customised to fit your specific needs.

How often should my website be updated?

Websites should be updated in conjunction with the growth of your business. As the business evolves, so does your website. This includes updating photos, services, design elements, functionalities and user experience. It is important to analyse your website in relation to your competitors to ensure it is compatible and up-to-date with industry standards. Another good indication of when to update is when digital trends evolve. Sometimes not being at the forefront of those trends can mean your website is overlooked.

What type of web development services are there?

Our sydney web development services cover UX design where we ensure the User Experience is considered first and foremost in the web development process. We consider how best to translate the User Experience into exciting visual User Interface Design (UI Design).All our sites are built with a Mobile First approach. The scope of our services cover custom programming PHP and ASP. Our Digital Strategy services encompass SEO and Google Advertising to ensure that once the website is built it can be found by the audience it is intended to reach.

What do web design services include?

Our web design services in Sydney cover all aspects of what is required to get a website not only live, but also found through the search engines. This covers User Interface design (UI design), User Experience considerations (UX), the visual impact of the site as well as the way the message is delivered from a marketing perspective. We also provide hosting services and ongoing support and maintenance of websites after they are launched.

How long does it take to build an ecommerce website?

With careful planning and a keen eye on the management of the project by an experienced Project Manager, an eCommerce website can be completed within 4 – 6 weeks.

All considerations such as payment gateways, shipping methods, product details, and product images need to be prepared in advance for the smooth rollout of an eCommerce website.

What is the best platform for designing a website?

At Spark Interact, we use WordPress. WordPress enables us to develop websites to suit varying budgets, it has a large variety of plugins that allow for site growth, it has high security features, allows for successful SEO optimisation and offers excellent support. The online platform is flexible and powerful and has been made to accommodate any requirements. These are some of the many features that set WordPress apart from its competitors.

How do I redesign my existing website?

Redesigning your website is an essential part of business growth. Ensuring your content is up to date and caters to your website visitors is important. The process begins with an analysis of current performance and identifying what works and what doesn’t. This may include enhancements of visuals, adding new functionalities, SEO strategies, design elements and user experience.

Can you help me with images and/or copy for my website?

Yes! Here at Spark we strive to help you with every aspect of your project. We have copywriting specialists that will turn simple words into compelling, industry-specific content. Our team can also provide relevant images from extensive stock resources or can organise photography services to update your current stock. Whatever your needs are, we have the knowledge and solutions to meet them.

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