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2018 Business Website Design Trends to Enhance Your Customers’ Experience

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Websites come in all shapes and sizes, and to keep up with an ever-changing digital landscape they need to be remoulded to fit current trends. The first quarter of the year is a perfect time to think about your business tools and the most valuable tool for business success is your website. It’s important to update your website design to remain relevant to enhance your customer experience and to show you’re ahead of the pack.

Having a user-friendly, well built, visually engaging and functional website on both desktop and mobile is key, which is where employing the skills and expertise of a website design company can expand your access to current trends, designs and developments.

So, what are the business website design trends to look out for in 2018, and where can they be integrated into your website?

Strong typography

Combining website and typography design to create strong and emotive text elements on your site is a fantastic visual way to make a statement. It can convey your key messages in the style and personality you want your brand to represent. Not only does big typography help tell your business story, it also improves SEO by utilising headers to deliver the message. Displaying your custom typography in different and creative ways is also a business website design trend for 2018, including geometric shapes, motion and a variety of colours.

Amazing animations

Animation and motion is the perfect way to direct your website’s audience to the content you want to show in a fast and accessible way. With website technology advancing all the time, so does the ability to expand your messages into colourful and engaging illustrations and animations. A simple gif or animated illustration designed specifically for your business can engage your customers like never before and can be viewed across desktop and mobile.

API Integration

Combining and integrating business API’s into your business website gives you a powerful flow of information across your applications. Being able to combine API’s together will create new business processes to improve your customer experience and engagement. Using real-time integration on your website can deliver instant answers to customer queries and to streamline your selling methods and delivery.

New video elements

While having video on your business website to showcase testimonials, skills and products isn’t a new trend, using video in different forms is shaping up to be a top trend for website design in 2018. Particle backgrounds attract your website user’s attention and are faster to load than traditional video. They can range from illustrations, graphics or simple colour variations. Virtual or augmented realities are also an interesting and current spin on video content, providing an interactive tool for your website users to find the relevant information and to engage with your website.

At Spark Interact we combine our talented designers and developers to deliver a business website which enhances your customer experience on your website and their overall impression of your business. With our custom web development, we can create unique designs and elements to ensure your website stands out, engaging your audience and evolving your website experience.

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