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5 Resolutions for a Better Business Web Design in 2018

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Having a website is crucial in all good business practice but having a website that speaks to your customers in an effective way is paramount.  It is important when creating, updating and refreshing your website that it appeals to your already acquired customers and that of potential customers. Keeping your web design creative and new, interesting and updated increases the likelihood that your customers will return for new knowledge and information.

Here are five website ideas to explore in 2018 for better business web design:

1.Create a good first impression

If your readers don’t know what you do within the first five seconds of viewing your website, then you’ve potentially lost them. Your home page should be uncluttered and concise, giving your customer an overview of what you do, who you are, and why you stand out from the crowd. Good web design can do all those things by being innovative and using content, graphics, animations, images or video to reach out to your intended audience.

2. Have a simple and clear navigation design

It’s critical to have a clear and functional navigation that works across all devices. With the customer in mind, design your menu to make navigation as simple, straightforward and accessible to your customers. No matter what your design layout is, whether it be side bar, top bar or dropdown, headings should be easy to understand, and key information should be easy to reach to make your user experience smooth and efficient. It is also important to make sure all links work and direct your customer to the correct place.

3. Call-to-action and contact details

Your website is the best way to broadcast to your customers what you do and how you do it. Call-to-actions give your customers a range of ways to reach you and engage your business. They can be integrated into blogs or content about your services, either subtly or with a clear directive to your client base. Including your business contact details on each page can also makes contact just a click away.

4. Don’t overcomplicate it

Overcomplicated and content dense websites can distract a user from your key messages. Whitespace can be gold on a website, as it can make specific information stand out and make it more accessible across all devices.  While it may be referred to as ‘whitespace’ it doesn’t need to be white, using large images or graphics also break up the clutter and can engage your customers effectively. Varying the way you deliver your messages through blogs, video and infographics is a great way to unclutter your site of text-heavy pages

5. Keep your website updated

The key to driving your customers back to your website is by updating, using blogs, case studies, testimonials, writing new content or updating your web design with the latest trends. Staying relevant and showing latest information will keep your users loyal and returning to seek more knowledge or to see your new business offerings.

At Spark Interact we have the knowledge and experience in the latest web design trends and are committed to optimising your website to be customer focussed and effective. For more information on how you can adapt your website to engage your customers, contact our team.


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