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5 Simple Tips for Website Security in 2020

website security tips

What is web security?

We have moved from desktop applications and storage to cloud or web applications where your data is stored and managed by your application vendor. The vendor, in general, provides security checks as part of the service. It is vitally important that you still keep website security and data security as a priority.

With so much changing every day in security, it can be overwhelming to keep on top. So where do you start? Somewhere is better than nowhere. In this article, I will cover five immediate security measures you can take to protect your website and data.

Run frequent security checks on your website.

Most websites these days are based on content management systems like WordPress. These CMS systems provide enormous flexibility to the site owner, but at the same time, if the upgrades and updates to the system are not maintained consistently they can easily be exploited.

Hackers will find access to spread malware, virus, ransomware, and other malicious code to you and to other users. Make sure your hosting company provides a service arrangement that covers you for these updates and upgrades. Always run a current virus/malware application on your desktop computer and maintain your website frequently.

Free SSL Certificate

Every website should have an SSL certificate. SSL certificates encrypt data between the user browser and your server. In simple terms, when a user sends a contact form request from your website the SSL certificate encrypts the user information so hackers cannot easily intercept the data.

It also verifies the authenticity and security of the website to the user. Free SSL certificates provide encryption but not proof of site identity. If you are running an eCommerce website or a site that deals with sensitive data then we recommend that you purchase an SSL certificate that shows proof of identity to your user.

Password Manager for Website Security

Password managers like Lastpass help secure and protect your security online. According to Lastpass, the global leader in password management, 81% of security breaches are due to password breaches. The most common issue is a weak password. People still use “password” as their password. We get it! The number of passwords you now need to remember is getting out of hand and when you consider how this is managed in your company and across your team it can easily send you into a spin.

Just remember, you are not the only one with this problem and yes, there is a solution. Lastpass password manager will save all your passwords in an encrypted vault and allow you to access them with one master password. It will automatically generate and populate complex passwords that are difficult to hack and you never need to remember them. Lastpass is available in Team and Enterprise versions that allow you to add team members and share passwords across the organisation with fine-grain control and a high degree of accountability.

Secure File Transfer and Storage

Backup and storage solutions are essential even if they are as basic as copying them on to a USB stick. But as a business, you need to take a serious look at data backup. Ideally, you have an external data storage system that is offsite. But sometimes as part of company policy, the data backups have to be kept on-premises in which case consider a fireproof safe or external cloud-based storage like Google Drive where you can securely transfer files quickly and restore the data on demand. But it is always important that you have more than one backup.

Get In Touch

If you need a hand with the implementation of website security or any of the above, we will be happy to assist you and feel free to contact us here.

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