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We’re Friendly. We’re Expert. We’re Spark Interact

Taking your business to the next level with design and technology solutions.

Welcome to the club!

You’ll never feel out in the cold with Spark Interact. We offer on-going and continually updated services to keep your business out in front. We work to develop a real relationship with you. After all, understanding your business is what helps us offer the customised cutting-edge options that help you engage more fruitfully with your customers. We’re here for support, advice, updates and an extensive array of services.

Quality. Efficiency. Value. And more quality

When you’re busy running a successful business, the last thing you need are poorly thought out creative design and marketing solutions that don’t speak to the bottom line. Spark Interact are as fired up as you are about getting your business out there, listening to your needs so we can get things right first time. That way, your business gets results, faster.

Always there for you

At Spark Interact, we always have time for you. You’ll soon notice the person who picks up the phone will always be fully conversant with your business and the services you’re using. We’re a little bit different from the rest – we know we exist to help boost your business, not our bank balance. Call us for speedy resolutions, expert advice. We’re always here for you.

Meet the team

Carol Lobo

Marketing Engagement Specialist
In the 15 years I’ve worked in marketing, I’ve found the most rewarding part to be acting as an agent of change. I love being part of the collaboration that leads to business transformation. At Spark, I'm a treasure hunter and conductor rolled into one; I uncover the hidden gem that makes a client unique, then coordinate our awesome creative team to make something special. One of my lesser known talents is my ability to ace a reverse park 99% of the time.

Matias Espinosa

Front End Developer
I’ve spent the last 12 years growing and learning in my role. Using my technical and creative skills, I’ve developed functional, beautiful websites for countless clients. I focus on delivering intuitive platforms, analysing user needs to find solutions that create positive experiences for site admins and visitors alike. Music is also a big part of my life - I’ve been playing percussion since I was 6 years old and I’m always looking to discover new artists.

Kath Norris

Creative Director
I help clients realise the potential of branding, producing professional, consistent content and identities that organically promote their services. My strength and experience lies in design, production, and brand strategy. I love working with enthusiastic designers, brimming with ideas, and I find brainstorming to be one of my favourite parts of the job. I’ve also found coffee to be a daily necessity, and I’m a pretty good shot when it comes to clay pigeon shooting.

Mackey Kandarajah

Marketing Technology Specialist
I am continuously looking at how new technologies can be used to automate processes for our clients. I have a business background, working with Spark's expert team of strategists, designers, developers, digital marketers and project managers to take deep dives into project challenges. I look for simple resolutions, deploying swift answers that deliver bottom line results for clients. I love running and reading, and have lived and travelled all over the world.

Mac Nguyen

Growth Lead
I am passionate about bringing meaningful change to organisations. By looking at management practices, I help define company culture and use it as a springboard to operationalise positive processes. I believe in the potential of people, that excellent customer experiences are made when technology is balanced with a human touch. I always search for this ideal, even in my own photography and filmmaking pursuits - drinking coffee like water to fuel the chase.

Ben Hudson

Content Strategist
I’m one of the in-house content creators for Spark. I have a Comms degree, majoring in Creative Writing and Digital Media, with a professional background in Technical Writing. I work across all genres and mediums but, as a writer, I like to focus on the short form - trying to get as much impact as I can out of as few words as possible. I have a weakness for burritos, kebabs, or any other kind of tube-shaped food that I can eat on the go.

Helen Zhou

Chief Financial Officer
I am a Chartered Accountant with a Master of Professional Accounting. As CFO, I support Spark with continual strategic improvements to operational and financial processes. I approach every challenge with an innovative mindset, looking to unlock better experiences for staff and clients throughout the project life cycle. No two days are ever the same, at work or at home, so I always choose to live in the moment. I love to hike, read, play piano, travel, and ski.

Aimee Bulaong

Marketing Manager
I have spent 16 years working within multi-channel marketing as a Strategic/Project Manager. In my role I define solutions for our clients, understanding pain points and audience perspectives to ensure flawless implementation. I oversee Spark’s marketing efforts and I love to teach, finding great joy in sharing my knowledge with the younger members of our team. It gives me such a satisfying feeling to watch them thrive - and it helps me feel young(er) too!

Kimberley Trinh

Business Development Specialist
I’m here to help clients find improvements to their processes, and find answers to their business problems. I’m a Commerce graduate, majoring in Marketing Management, and I prioritise strong client relationships. For all clients, I aim to gain a deep understanding of their needs, so that I can better guide them towards solutions that maximise results. I like staying active and I’m a big fan of Oztag, playing competitively at a representative level.

Lionel Cruz

Motion Designer
I consider myself to be a bit of an all rounder when it comes to design. I’m experienced with digital, product, branding, animation, and video, and I’m especially interested in motion graphics. I love creating designs that are dynamic, or have some element of movement to them. I’m both an indoor and an outdoor person - I like camping and fishing as much as gaming and eating. I guess I’m just happy wherever I am!

Chau Nguyen

Interaction Designer
As a designer, I love the excitement of creating something new with our clients. I like to think of myself as a jack of all trades, working across physical and digital mediums. I specialise in delivering well-rounded creative projects that are dressed in the style that matches your vision. Outside of work, I enjoy drawing, reading comics, and playing video games. A lot of people also say I have a weird obsession with Keanu Reeves memes - but I don't see this as a problem.

Hue Trinh

I work closely with the design team to create unique, customised websites. I am most at home with open source content management systems, with my specialisation being WordPress. I enjoy working within Spark’s professional creative team, because I get to see the code I develop come to life with gorgeous designs and graphics. I’m a bit shy in public, but I love doing anything that involves spending time with my kids.

Seren Tai

Graphic Designer
With a marketing background and a Bachelor of Design in Visual Communication, my specialty is finding the path to your target audience through visual messaging. My skill set lets me explore all kinds of mediums, and my experience allows me to advise on the best approach for each. When the weather’s nice, I like to be outside and take photos - but I’m also a Hufflepuff that’s addicted to french fries and known for playing guitar and singing at 3am.

Samy Magdy

Head of Infrastructure / Server Administrator

Jeric Javier

Direct Response Copywriter
I help brands and businesses take their messaging to the next level through direct, research-based copywriting. My aim is to drive your audience down the marketing funnel with compelling content for your articles, blogs, email marketing, Instagram posts, and Facebook and Google Ads. I’d say I am a Jack-of-all-trades, always looking to grow and improve. Outside of work, I love reading, watching a good series or movie, and catching up with my friends to unwind.

We're Hiring!

We’re a multidisciplinary team of outside-the-box thinkers. If you’ve got talent, passion plus ambition then we’d love to hear from you. Take a look at our current open positions or send your resume with a cover letter to


Shoelace Inspector
I have almost 7 months experience as an office pet, supporting staff through every computer crash, back-to-back meeting, and COB deadline. I ensure that no one comes to work without their laces tightly tied, and I always make myself available for walks and pats. I am currently attending puppy school and hope to graduate with top honours - though I know I have a lot to learn before I can call myself a fully-fledged dog.

Get even more out of your business.

The tools your team and clients need.

It’s impossible to get a strong foothold in the market without leveraging some kind of digital technology. The way consumers engage with businesses has changed and now digital strategies are embedded into corporate marketing plans. Utilising the best strategy can put yourself leagues ahead of your competition.

Finding this approach isn’t clear, though. The online environment is flooded with digital tools that all claim to be the best for you. Investing in a technology for it only to run into limitations later can cost you time and money. So what’s the solution?

That’s how Spark can help you. Our team of digital marketing and web design professionals will offer their expertise to guide you toward making informed decisions that keep your business relevant.

Medical Oncology Specialist
Calvary Mater Newcastle

Recently updated on December 10th, 2020 at 08:38 am

Spark have produced a high quality, user friendly and intuitive product that has enhanced our capability beyond our wildest expectations. Their attention to detail and customer service is to be commended.

Wayne Jones
Director - Canterbury Bankstown Towing

Recently updated on December 10th, 2020 at 08:38 am

Canterbury Bankstown Towing have used Spark Interact for more than 12 years. Spark manage our web design, Adwords and Search Engine Optimisation. We get great results for our business and would recommend Spark to any business that really wants to get it right the first time.

Simon Popley
Director - Coaching Leadership

Recently updated on December 10th, 2020 at 08:38 am

Carol and Mackey at Spark Interact took the time to really understand my business and the clients I work with. They built a website which is interactive, creative and highly professional. The team at Spark were a pleasure to work with. They not only build great websites but have a great understanding of marketing in the digital space. I highly recommend their services and expertise.

Byrons Drums
Director - Ethical Grocer

Recently updated on December 10th, 2020 at 08:38 am

We were not the most easiest of clients! But the team @ Spark interact took in on (even with our small budget) and helped us refine our website. The key to our future growth is to provide a simple way for people to be well informed about affordable Organics and Mackey and his team is not only taking care of our present needs but always in discussion about our potential need for our customer group and ourselves.

Jaye Gallard & Brett Davis
Accolade Carpets

Recently updated on December 4th, 2020 at 04:28 pm

Spark Interact has done an excellent job of creating our website for Accolade Carpets. We feel that the web design has achieved the goal of representing /communicating the quality of the service we provide. We are also working with Spark for Google Adwords which have been effective in boosting our website traffic. We are happy to partner with them and would highly recommend to business owners looking for skilled and dedicated people to help with their digital marketing/ web design needs.