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Annual Report Design

Impress Stakeholders with a Killer Annual Report Design

The Must-Haves of an Annual Report Design

Every year is a new chance to show your investors and stakeholders why you’re amazing. Annual reports are recognised as an integral way to wrap up the previous year’s financial, operational and marketing activities.  The way companies choose to do this is ever-changing, with current trends using data visualisations, illustrations, infographics and icons to present information.   Excellent annual reports rely on compelling visuals and copy to communicate their message and position their company in front of stakeholders.

To kick-start the process, gather relevant information such as records of business achievements, goals, financial data, statistics and key performance indicators.  This information then needs to be transformed into a company narrative that is engaging and simple to understand. The creation of the annual report includes:

  • Development of summary financial reports and achievements
  • Writing copy that encapsulates your vision
  • Sourcing engaging photos, including headshots of your team
  • A message from the Board and Director
  • Visual elements such as design of the layout, graphs, charts and infographics
  • A community and stakeholder section

Top Annual Report Design Examples

Need some inspiration? Take a look at these examples.

How to design an Annual Report that turns heads

Format selection

Annual reports can be booklet-style or in digital format such as a website, app or flippable e-brochure. You can also decide whether it will have a landscape or portrait orientation.

Use storytelling

Decide what narrative to tell this year. This could be the year’s milestone or a key achievement. Your annual report should act as a brand-building tool, helping your audience better understand you and your vision. Storytelling creates an emotional pull and keeps the reader engaged.

Visualise your data

Traditional text-heavy annual reports no longer cut it. Visuals can communicate in ways words cannot and help readers digest information. Visualising your data can help readers quickly draw information and recognise trends in data.

White space

Being jam-packed with information, negative space is a key element in annual report design. Give the information breathing room by using large margins and opening up headings and text.

Link your content

All information should be linked to provide a natural flow throughout the report. As a reader moves through the report, it should be categorised logically and have a distinct visual organisation.
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Focus on the cover

The beauty of the front cover is that it communicates your overall message with the aid of stunning visuals. This eases the reader into the document before delving into numbers and statistics.

Finding the right Annual Report Design agency partner

If this all sounds overwhelming or you are time poor, it’s a great idea to find an excellent annual report design agency to partner with.  Here are our tips for finding the right team to assist you:

  • Find a team that takes the time to understand you, your company and your vision
  • Look for an agency that prioritises communication over purely information
  • Ensure they understand the essential components of annual report design
  • Excellent visual design skills
  • Success stories and testimonials

Here at Spark we are well-equipped to transform your information into a creative masterpiece.  We deliver strategic brand communication while meeting your report requirements.

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