Website Design​ for Furniture industry

Website Design​ for Furniture industry

Just like the furniture you are selling to your customers, your website needs to be equally as functional. A poor website for a furniture company can be likened to a chair that breaks when you sit on it – it’s just not going to work.

Whether you sell furniture for the home or for corporate clients – your customers are looking for ease of use. For example, what is the ordering process like? How well does your website cope with large orders? Does it show real-time stock levels? Providing solutions to these basic needs through your website design is what sets average and excellent apart when it comes to your customers’ overall experience.

Although your furniture company might be a little more personable than that big Swedish market giant we all know and love, you both share a common goal – you want to sell furniture. Whilst your brand is unique, what you can take away is what is working for the industry leaders. This includes having a website with large visuals, clearly displaying the products. Categories that are as straightforward as the ordering process. All the stress of buying in-store is reduced to a few simple clicks, or even taps on the phone with an equally mobile response website or app.

By selling furniture, you are also selling a lifestyle. People want to identify with your products and imagine them in their homes or businesses. This can be achieved by having a strong visual identity that instantly transports your brands aesthetic into your customers’ lives. By having a well designed, functional e-commerce website, you can take your brand from Australia to beyond. Whether you are a start-up furniture company or you are well established, we have a solution for you.

What Spark can bring to your website design:

  • Fully functional responsive design that directly corresponds to your target market.
  • A website layout that is straightforward for your clients to navigate, that works just as well on mobile as it does on other devices.
  • SEO integrated copy, ensuring your products and services are marketed directly at the client. Specific keywords will also help drive your website up the search engine rankings.
  • Visually aesthetic design tools used throughout which will best represent your business and clientele, harnessing the extensive experience of our team.
  • A friendly professional service which gets to the heart of your business to maximise the potential of your website.
  • Optional extras including Google Analytics, live chat pop-ups, language translation, product catalogues, email signups, image and video galleries, blogs and much more depending on your requirements.

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