Top 10 Principles of Effective Web Design

by Aimee Bulaong on

The importance of maintaining an interactive website with an appealing web design has often been understated. A well-executed website with robust usability and operating structure performs better on search engines. Performance is what envelopes engagement.  Engagement demonstrates the effectiveness of the website.

The following are the top 10 principles required to develop an effective web design:

1.   Purpose

Even an appealing website becomes ineffective if it does not have a clear vision or purpose in sight. Your web designer should make that purpose clear through your web design outlook. This will ensure that your users and visitors have a clear vision in mind when they visit your website. Purpose is what builds an ideal brand-client relationship.

2.   Communication

People prefer easy accessibility. They want information that is readily available which is why it is important to create a web platform that facilitates your users. Your web service can enhance that communication. Try including headlines and subheadlines, bullet points, writing briefs, and catchy phrases instead of longer sentences.

3.   Images

A picture is worth a thousand words. Selecting the right type of images will allow your website to attract your target audience and position your brand strongly. It is best to add infographics, graphs, and videos to ensure better engagement.

4.   Colors

Colors can create adequate balance and harmony. Contrasting colors that fit the background and text will grab attention and catch the interest of the user. It will take a proficient designer to ensure that the colors are just right without being too extreme.

5.   Navigation

The structure of a website depends upon its navigation. If a user does not understand the mechanism of your website, they won’t be hesitant to leave. To enhance your navigation system your designer will have to set up a mechanism that reveals the information users are looking for with easier access.

6.   “F” Pattern Design

Studies have shown that people scan “F” pattern computer screens more often. They prefer to see the top and left of the screen rather than the right side. This is why most web designers will design your website that is natural to the viewer’s visual behavior.

7.   Quality Content

The content of your website is what will drive your marketing efforts. You need to formulate and implement informative and engaging content that will elaborate your goals and create interest amongst your users.

8.   Mobile Friendly

Usage of mobile and cellphones to access websites has become standardised and mainstream. Which is why it is necessary that you keep up with the changing preferences and create a mobile friendly website.

9.   Readability

The written text in your website serves as a vital component in terms of business information. Apart from the meta-data, keywords, and SEO Characters, your website needs to be easy to read for your users otherwise they will lose interest.

10.  User Experience (UI)

Users despise having to wait more than a minute for a web page to load. They prefer that it takes a few seconds instead. You need to ensure that each component of website is properly integrated. Through cautious integration you will be able to create an exceptional user experience.

Enjoy Your Website

Consider the aforementioned principles before deciding on your web design. It is important to remember that not every designer or design company offers top quality web development. Therefore, get in touch with Spark Interact, so you get an amazing website with a responsive web design.

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Aimee BulaongTop 10 Principles of Effective Web Design

8 Customer Questions That Your Website Needs to Answer

by Carol Lobo on

First impressions are everything when it comes to your website. You’ve got a matter of seconds to convince your visitor to stay on your site. Numerous studies state that within the first 10 seconds of landing on a website a visitor will decide to stay or leave.

So what can you do to make that critical first impression a positive one and encourage visitors to stick around? You can start by using your web design and content to deliver answers to the basic questions people will immediately ask when they land on your site.

Your website needs to cover all the basics, and in a way that makes it as easy as possible for people to find the information they are looking for.

Here are the eight customer questions that your website needs to answer.

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Carol Lobo8 Customer Questions That Your Website Needs to Answer

Website Designers Sydney

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Skills to Look for in a Website Designer Sydney

Aside from the web development itself, choosing a website designer can be as hard for the website owner. With so many web dev agencies and freelancers in the industry, picking the perfect fit for your needs is just as challenging.

This is exactly why it pays to be prudent and serious about choosing. Your website will represent your business online, thus, it has to be attractive to drive as many potential customers as possible.

But how exactly do you choose a competent website designer? What are the essential skills to look for?


Since the dawn of web development, HTML has been a critical component of a web designer’s portfolio. For a lot of web dev aspirants, this language serves as the entryway to the realm of web design.

HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language and is considered the basic foundation of building websites. It’s also one of the most essential languages web designers must learn, and also the first to be learned in schools.

Most website builders these days require a know-how in HTML in order to gain full control over the tools. Your website designer must understand this basic markup language well, even if they don’t use it normally in day-to-day job functions.


CSS, which stands for Cascading Style Sheets, is a close relative of HTML. However, it is more responsible for enhancing the site’s visual appearance. And when it comes to attracting viewers, having eye-catching visuals is key.

This skill is a must-have for any web designer, especially when creating the layout and features of a website. If your designer is good at CSS, you can expect a fresh-looking website with an appealing look that your viewers will trust and like. Combined with HTML, a designer can efficiently build the structure and style based on your requirements.

Good Sense of Design

Having a keen eye on design is vital as far as web design is concerned. It doesn’t stop at knowing which colours blend well together – they should master the standard design principles typography best practices, using images, layout techniques, and so on. Your designer must also know how viewers interact with the aesthetic features so they would be able to evaluate whether it should or should not be incorporated in the site.

Ajax and JavaScript

AJAX enables update of website pages by synchronising data with a web server simultaneously. Commonly used by websites and social networks to date, it makes it possible to update components of a page, without having to reload the whole page.

JavaScript, on the other hand, is an interactive element of a website. Professional web designers are comfortable in working with this programming language, and know well how it interacts with HTML and CSS-based elements of the webpage.

PHP, Perl, ASP, Java, or C++

Website designers don’t need to master each and every programming language available, but it pays to have a good knowledge of these popular options. PHP, along with the rest of the languages listed above, is the leader on the web today, most likely because these are widely used in this field of work and embraced by a strong community.

Mobile Support

The millennium is an era of mobile devices. This is the exact same reason why your website needs to show beautifully in screens of all sizes. Your website designer must take this into account and design your website in such a way that it will display properly and support a wide variety of mobile devices, including laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

How your website looks have impacts your business way more than you imagine. Be sure to select only professional and skilled Creative website designers to make sure the job gets done beautifully and efficiently.


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Aimee BulaongWebsite Designers Sydney

Digital Marketing Agency

by Aimee Bulaong on

How to Choose a Digital Marketing Agency for your Brand?

Marketing can be daunting as it sounds, but it boils down to one important thing: figuring out what the target market likes and then creating content they’d be interested in.

Who used to be focused on newspapers, radio, and other media outlets are now divided across a wide variety of different platforms. For example, if you’re targeting corporation executives, you might want to dedicate your marketing efforts on LinkedIn. If you’re targeting a younger audience, Instagram and Snapchat could be better channels.

This explains why hiring a good digital marketing agency is crucial. Especially if you don’t have professional experience, you would want an agency that can spark growth in your business through their expertise. Here’s how you can find the best digital marketing agencies Sydney for you.

Define your needs and budget

The first aspect you want to look at is your needs. You’d be able to better understand your needs by talking out your business requirements in SEO, advertising, graphic design, and social media with the agency you’re considering.

Likewise, think about your budget. How much are you willing to spend? Unfortunately, there is no fixed price when it comes to digital marketing. However, your digital marketer can work out or estimate a reasonable budget, while setting your expected results accordingly. For example, if you own a restaurant business, you’d need more social media marketing efforts and less on advertisements. Meanwhile, if you’re into plumbing business, you might need to spend more on advertising and less on social media.

Gauge their credibility

Aside from experience, you also need to look at the agency’s credibility based on their reviews. If possible, look for client testimonials on their website and review sites like Yelp, Expertise, and Clutch. Make sure to also check that the testimonials are real and authentic.

Alternatively, you may request for client references. A reputable digital marketing agencies Sydney will not hesitate to disclose contact information from previous clients and let you know how they’ve been working with them in the past. Instead of sending emails, call these clients to get more information and thorough review.

Looking at the agency’s website will also help you judge how it does business. Since they’re into digital marketing, they must have a decent website, good SEO standing, and quality and properly maintained content.

Request full transparency

One of the red flags when seeking help for digital marketing is lack of transparency. Browse the agency’s website to see if they disclose bios, address, and list of clients. Absence of these information is dubious, and you don’t want to waste your time and money to an agency that hides something. Another red flag is when they make big promises with ridiculously low rates.

Have a closer look at their experiences

A good digital marketing agency to consider is one that has experience in the industry your business is in. However, if it doesn’t, it doesn’t necessarily mean it is a bad agency to work with. Ask how they approach an industry that’s new to them. Based on their answer, you should be able to make a final decision.

At the end of the day, the key to finding the best digital marketing agency for your brand is establishing a good client-agency relationship. If you’re able to verify that they do their job well, you like their approach, you’re happy with how they communicate, and they’re easy to work with, then you’ve made the right choice.

If you’re on the lookout for the leading digital marketing agencies Sydney, Spark Interact helps businesses of all sizes. Check out our results-focussed digital marketing approach today.

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Aimee BulaongDigital Marketing Agency

Creative Web Design Sydney

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The Importance of Creative Web Design

When you own an online business, having a good web design is crucial. Aside from having all the features your business needs, it has to be aesthetically pleasing and functional. By having a creative web design done by a professional, you’re sure to boost trust and improve user experience as a whole.

When building a website, the best way to go is outsourcing. Using a reputable firm for creative web design Sydney gives yourself an edge over your competitors, capturing the attention of more prospective customers.

A good web design uses the “wow factor” to attract visitors visually. Through the use of excellent graphic design and perfect choice of imagery, you can easily shift your prospects’ attention from your competitors to your site.

So how exactly do you build an online empire through creative web design?

Communicate with your audience effectively.

This is the most important reason why you should invest in quality web design. Sure, your website got loads of information, but are they actually seeing what they’ve been searching for? Your audience can make a judgement in just a matter of seconds and without the information they need, they can easily click out of your website and start navigating in that of your competitors’.

Think about the ‘F’.

By nature, viewers scan websites from left to right and top to bottom. This creates what the experts call an ‘F’ pattern. Your content should precisely follow this pattern, while displaying an effective call to action at the same time. Today, a lot of web development platforms such as WordPress, support content block plugins that allow developers to create a stunning website with all the right functionality.

Images, images, images.

The attention span of a normal individual is task-dependent, but on average, research says it has gone down from 12 to 8 seconds. Imagine how fast and easy a website visitor can jump from one website to another. This is why you have to make those 8 seconds count. And nothing communicates better with your audience than images. Whether it is a photo, diagram, chart, or infographics, images help your branding efforts by improving your ranking in the industry and major search engines. When adding images, work with your web designer to come up with color palettes that best work for your brand. Having a well thought out color scheme will help invoke emotions from people whom you want to connect with.

Word is power.

One of the best ways to get more attention online is by making your key content readable. It should display nicely and flow in a coherent manner. Ideally, you must use only up to 3 font styles for the entire website. Additionally, your fonts should work accordingly with your branding. Make sure to keep on using this in all your marketing materials in the future.

Got a content-heavy website? We strongly recommend using sans-serif for title and serif for bodies of text. Also, never forget to check for grammar and spelling.

Professionalism is key.

A professional-looking website design is one of the vital components of digital marketing. Be sure to work with skilled web and graphic designers that have extensive design backgrounds and have dedicated a relatively good amount of time perfecting their craft.

Outsourcing design work has become the norm for virtually all businesses trying to establish an online presence. Fortunately, it’s often not as pricey as you might expect.

If you’re on the lookout for quality graphic or web design services in Sydney Australia, we’re here to help.  Our expert designers have gained years of experience in building professional custom websites and graphic design work for clients – making us creative web design Sydney experts. We know exactly how to add the ‘wow factor’ your website has been missing. Allow us to help your business grow and maximize its full potential.

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Aimee BulaongCreative Web Design Sydney

Affordable Website Design Sydney Australia

by Kundan on

Affordable Website Design Sydney Australia

If you are in need of an affordable website design Sydney, there are several factors that need to be considered. Every web designer aims to make their clients happy. One ideal way of doing that is to give them affordable but good looking design that can satisfy their unique needs. Here are some tips to help you work with your web designer to produce desired results whilst achieving affordability.

Tip # 1: Your designer needs to know your realistic budget. Just like budgeting for a car, what costs a website is not the surface or how it looks, but rather, what’s “under the hood.” Website design involves setup, creative and building work at the very basic level. Consider the number of resources you can realistically invest and be sure to be upfront with your designer.

Tip # 2: Determine the things you can live without. Any business owner who runs a website is looking to run an e-commerce feature, get unlimited updates, rank top in the search engines and make them financially-free for as long as possible. The thing is, paying only $10 each month won’t give you all of these benefits. To run a website that has all of those can truly be possible.  Many top companies have these but with a significant investment and planning involved.  Consider what stage you are in your business journey, and decide on your priorities to fit your budget.  To start, perhaps you can aim for a basic online presence wherein clients can reach you by email or phone to learn more about your company.

Tip # 3: Prepare and provide all the materials that your web designer may need. Any website designer will definitely appreciate this kind of assistance when offered by their clients who are on a budget. The things that you may need to prepare may include:

  • Images/pictures you want to appear on your site or page;
  • Web pages text or content;
  • Brochure of the company;
  • Images or pictures location (it can be saved on a USB drive, web link or on your PC at home);
  • An idea of how your website would like to look like; and
  • Website links that you wish to be on your website.

You may prepare these ahead of time. This will come in handy for your affordable website design Sydney. By giving the list of things above, you can help your web designer save a lot of time which can make web designing faster and more efficient. These may be simple, yet, can likely lower or decrease the overall cost of your web design project for your business.

Tip # 4: Any changes or features you wish to add or remove needs to be coordinated efficiently with the website designer. Take into account that if you do not do so, it may affect the final cost of the project. In order to make the project smooth-sailing as possible, you need to communicate as often as needed, especially to make any changes. Consolidate and organise all required revisions and ensure both parties fully understand what needs to be done. Both parties need to have the effort to share to quicken to process and maintain affordability when possible.

It is definitely realistic to produce an affordable website design Sydney Australia. All it will take is a combined effort not just from the designer but from the client as well. This can ensure that a good looking website design can be achieved in no time without shelling out too much money. Remember all the tips shared above when you are ready to start to develop your website design with a trusted and reliable agency like Spark Interact. Feel free to contact us and we’ll be more than happy to chat with you more about how you can achieve an affordable website for your business.

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KundanAffordable Website Design Sydney Australia

Joomla Website Design Sydney

by Aimee Bulaong on

Top Ten Must-Have Joomla Extensions

Joomla Website Design Sydney

If you have decided to have a Joomla website or run an existing website on Joomla, you may need to also install some extensions to be able to use more features that are not yet supported by native Joomla. A good example is the sitemap that is required for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). For lead generation, newsletter subscription is required. To understand the behavior of your traffic, you need to have Google Analytics, and the list goes on. Spark Interact is fully experienced in Joomla Website Design Sydney, and can advise you on getting the most out of your Joomla website. Here are some of the most useful Joomla extensions which you might want to incorporate in your Joomla website.

* CCnewsletter – this offers list management capabilities for your subscribers. The way to get it done is through a simple sign up of a newsletter. The display will know your CSS template yet a bit of tweak may be required if you are aiming for something close to perfect. Features of reporting are not yet available such as sending and testing your own emails, export and import subscribers’ list yet you will not be able to see the number of users who opened or clicked your email.

* Xmap – this can automatically create an element in the sitemap on your website. Each time you delete or add a page, there will be an automatic update.

* JComments – this extension is quite familiar with the Joomla users. This works looks great and works well for most Joomla blog site.

* SimpleCalendar – you may need this when you are looking to post a calendar of events on your site that can be used for trade shows, events or others. The two functions that need to be shown depending on the needs would be the link back to the author and back arrow displayed next to every listing.

* Gtranslate – this gives the user page translation available in 20+ languages. It works well even though it does not translate plugins and modules.

* JCE editor – this is a useful article editor. Other better editors may be offered for Joomla but this one can be used conveniently as it gives users the ability to add links and images. It can be through the use of a drop-down menu or by URL copying.

* MassContent – this is a must if you want to publish or post several articles at the same time or you have the option to publish once every day. Use this extension to publish a news release, blog or static article.

* JoomlaPack – this enables you to have a website backup online. Simply click on the backed-up file and save it right to your hard disk. Backed-up file restoration is not the same as an actual back-up but it offers the same benefit and can be handy when you are used to using it.

* BIGSHOT Google Analytics – this allows Joomla site tracking through website statistics offered by Google Analytics.

* Google Verify – this plugin offered to Joomla websites enable you to verify your site by using the Google webmaster central. The generated codes by Google can be pasted into this plug-in. After that, it gives you the website statistics exactly how Google sees it. This includes your pages, links, coding error and other things you may need.

Whether you are lacking the technical expertise or require to advise with your Joomla website, all you need is to contact Spark Interact! We specialize in all leading website platforms, including Joomla website design. Contact us today!

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Aimee BulaongJoomla Website Design Sydney

Principles of Excellent Website Design

by Kundan on

What You Need to Know about the Principles of Excellent Website Design

One of the first things people ought to know about designing an e-commerce website is that user experience and functionality counts more towards the success of a site as opposed to aesthetics alone. Users decide everything that happens the moment they log on to your website. Hence it makes sense to adopt a user-centred approach when designing a website. After all, there is no point spending any amount of time and money trying to create the most beautiful looking website if it is a pain to use or people do not find it particularly helpful.

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KundanPrinciples of Excellent Website Design

Web Developers Sydney

by Aimee Bulaong on

A Good Look at What Reputable Professional Web Developers Sydney Can Do For You

Australia has seen massive growth in e-commerce over the years just like many others in the Asia-Pacific region. There has been significant demand for web developers in the country. Despite recent claims of recession, e-commerce has come out of it unscathed.

If you have been thinking about launching a website and establishing a business presence online,  now is the time to do it. Any reputable web developer understands that the main point of e-commerce is to maximise profit. Before that though, web developers must have a good understanding of their client’s respective businesses to provide a cost-effective and profitable solution.

What to expect working with web developers for your e-commerce website?

You will find that many web development companies offer businesses full and excellent services to get your e-commerce website off the ground but only if you choose the right one. These web developers ought to able to understand the goals and needs unique to your business and provide a tailor-made solution.  During the web design process, search engine optimisation must be a key consideration. There is no point in spending thousands of dollars creating a beautiful website if it fails to bring in traffic and profitable results. Hence reputable web developers in Sydney work hand in hand with a team of SEO experts that provide inputs on how to optimise websites for search engines and makes it that much easier to rank well in Google search results.

Many web developers also offer free consultation services for business owners looking to leap into e-commerce or improve an existing website which has not been performing as well as they hoped. In any case, many find remarkable improvements in sales and branding. Web development might seem like a complicated and intimidating matter. Some people may not have any idea about how you want their website to turn out. Instead of diving in clueless into the matter, it would be best to consult with professional web developers.

Background of professional web developers

The people behind some of the top web development companies in the country work in some of the most diverse fields such as web application, software development, web-based enterprise solutions and portal development to mention a few. Business owners can expect to benefit from a combination of web development/design experience, technical expertise and invaluable insights into e-commerce to provide actionable and tangible results (web traffic, sales/conversion, branding and many more). It is no wonder then that the end to end services of web developers are highly sought after by businesses looking to establish a local or global business presence over the Internet.

So what are you waiting for? As the old saying goes “time is money” and the longer you wait, you are leaving money on the table.  Most businesses nowadays need to establish a strong business presence over the web if only to remain competitive and profitable in the long run. Just make sure that you are working with experienced and capable web developers that genuinely know their stuff.


While developing/designing a website does involve a bit of artistry and an eye for aesthetics,  businesses owners need to consider that there a myriad of technical factors that are just as important.  Most people do not understand all the technicalities that go into designing/developing a useful and profitable e-commerce website.  This is where the services and expertise of professional web developers like Spark Interact can prove invaluable especially for business owners who are yet to get their feet wet in the e-commerce industry.

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Aimee BulaongWeb Developers Sydney

WordPress Web Developers in Sydney

by Aimee Bulaong on

WordPress Web Developers Sydney

Get All The Help You Need from Our Team of Expert WordPress Web Developers

Are you looking to get help from some the best WordPress Web Developers in Australia? Perhaps you need a website built specifically for your site by developers with passion and experience using the WordPress platform? In any case, you have come to the right place!

We at Spark Interact are one of the top WordPress Web Developers in Sydney and have been in business for many years now. You will find hundreds of WordPress sites under our portfolio all of which were done to the satisfaction of our clients. Tell us more about your ideas for your web design and we will help you bring it to life!

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Aimee BulaongWordPress Web Developers in Sydney