Brand Development

Brand Development

Building the strongest foundation for your brand

Difference between brand development and branding

You have a vision of what you want your brand to be. So where to, next? Building a brand is just the starting point. But having and maintaining a successful brand that stands the test of time, changing trends and emerging competition – that’s a whole new ball game.
At Spark, we don’t just stop at building a brand. With Spark’s brand development program, we act as your brand custodian, making sure we continue to enhance the visual interpretation and communication style while staying true to your branding. The tone of voice, choice of colours, logo permutations and usage, the tagline and more – these are like pieces of the puzzle that make the whole of your brand. With Spark’s multi-disciplinary team, we ensure a cohesive execution, create distinction from your competitors, and evolve your brand as your business grows.

Evolve. Promote.

What you get with Brand Development

Style Guide

A style guide is an essential tool in brand development. Like a brand bible, this document outlines all the different elements such as typefaces, colour palettes, photography style and logo usage – and guidelines on how to treat each element for various marketing collaterals such as business cards, brochures, signage and uniforms, etc

Evolve. Promote.

What you get with Brand Development

File Formats

Any logos developed during the brand development process are supplied to you in various file formats universally recognised on all platforms (Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Unix, HTML).

Complete Copyright

Ownership of any assets developed during the brand development process are yours. They are royalty-free and you have full copyright.

Other options to further build your brand

Brand Rollout

Make your brand roll-out a stress free experience with Spark! Our brand development clients stay on board for the sheer simplicity and convenience of having a single source for all the brand roll-out requirements. A seamless experience across both online and offline channels = consistency = a strong brand. Once we have set the foundation in place, we can create your website or refresh your digital presence, revisit your strategy and implement your marketing initiatives for you. Because we’ve developed the foundation and the assets in-house, everything is readily available for us to access and reproduce. The result, within budget and time efficient roll out.

Brand Management

Spark’s brand management is like having an investment advisor manage your stock portfolio. It’s having someone dedicated to maintaining and monitoring your brand. We work with you to preserve the standards we set at the start of the brand development process, and continue to provide recommendations on possible enhancements in the future. In this competitive, digital world a lot of changes can “shake” and influence the way customers perceive your products and services – things like new trends, emerging competitors, or current events. As your brand manager, we ensure your brand can stay in control and stay relevant to your loyal customers.


From the logo to your catchphrase, we at Spark can help you protect your valuable brand assets. We can assist in registering your trademark including shapes, colours, images, packaging or any other elements that uniquely identify your products or services.


Have your own team of brand ambassadors with custom-designed work apparel. Taking inspiration from the brand development process, we can design your apparel with your own logo or unique symbol front and centre. Attracting attention, growing brand awareness and having an easy mobile advertisement your team will be proud to wear!


With the brand development process, we also consider signage, especially when it comes to brick and mortar locations. Without a doubt, signage is one of the most critical components of a consumer facing brand strategy. From building signage, POS posters, decals and A-frames, Spark can create signage that will remain consistent with your entire portfolio to solidify your brand positioning.

Digital Stationery

Something that all businesses use on a day-to-day basis can often be overlooked. Digital stationery is like your electronic business card, so making sure that they are presentable and professional is paramount. From email signatures to document templates, we can develop digital stationery that you can share with your team without going off-brand.

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