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Brand Naming Sydney

Developing the perfect Brand Name

The importance of developing a good brand name is often overlooked. Getting it right the first time can save you much distress, time and money. At Spark our suite of branding services deal with brands at a holistic level and our brand naming program is a vital component of this. Our unique naming methodology will get your business on the right track the first time.

Memorable Name

A good brand name has a strong association with the product or organisation and should tell a great story that creates an emotional bond with an audience to impress a long lasting memory.

Easy to Read

Good brand and business names need to be easy to read and pronounce. Even a child should be able to see the name and say it at once.


The choice of brand name, as important as it is, should be available. The name should be available to register as a corporation name and business name, with availability across national and international borders if required. Is the domain name available or is there another name that works better for the domain?

Brand & Trademark

How does the brand name work in its visual form? Will it require trademark registration and product or brand extensions, and if so how will this be managed? At Spark our team has the depth to provide advice on these matters plus a network of partners to make this a reality for you.

End to End Brand Development Services

At Spark we have a comprehensive range of branding services. The logical next step from the brand naming service is our brand strategy. The brand strategy deals with two important aspects of the brand: firstly the visual aspects and secondly the communication messaging or the personality of the brand.

Remember the core difference of our products is that they are complete and end to end solutions so you are never left stranded. Spark is always here to help with your next step.

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Branding Naming FAQs

Your name is the first thing that a customer learns about your brand. In this split second moment, your brand’s name conveys everything that your company stands for; it is what connects your image to your service. If your branding is distinct and natural, then your rate of consumer acceptance will be drastically sped up. In today’s immense global market, it is not unusual for companies to apply brand naming frameworks or to employ brand naming firms from the outset as a recognisable brand can keep your business relevant to consumers longer than copyright or patent protection can.
Your brand name is what sets you apart from your competitors. Your business may offer the same service, or better, but ultimately it is the name that the customer remembers that makes the difference. The brand naming conventions of today suggest that you create something unique so that you can encourage word of mouth marketing within your customer base. With a memorable name that signifies your service, you’ll evoke your brand effortlessly when your customers are looking to buy.

Your business needs a brand naming strategy, especially if you are looking to have an online presence. There are many pitfalls you can fall into, but we recommend you consider the following brand naming guidelines to avoid them:

  1. Make it is easy to say and easy to spell
  2. Make sure it is not similar to any of your competitors’ branding
  3. Check that it is not offensive, in any language
  4. Don’t make it too niche. Try to create something that will make sense once your company expands.

The brand naming process starts with setting out clear objectives for what you want your brand to communicate, before you’ve even started brainstorming ideas. You need to identify the core image your company wants to project, only then can you begin a brand naming workshop.

Settle on a few options and test them out. Use persona testing, word association, and comparisons to competitors to see if the brand name you’ve come up with aligns with your objectives. Finally, make sure that you can trademark it! It’s always worth checking that a business name isn’t already in use.

There is no single best branding and naming strategy, but there are a lot of options that have been proven to work! Consider these brand naming techniques:

  • Look internally – leverage names of founders or recognisable assets
  • Adopt an existing name – Ajax, Nike, Pandora; big companies have shown that you can draw from history and mythology.
  • Make it up – using a completely untranslatable word can really strike your audience; it’s why we say Google instead of search today.
  • Combine – try a compound of two words that represent your service, like PayPal or SnapChat.
If you don’t have the capacity to hire a brand naming service, there are few methods that can help you to think creatively when coming up with brand naming ideas. The simplest option is to use the surnames of your company’s founders, but a name that really sells the benefits of your service is best. Also, try to create something that can be used as a verb, something that customers can drop into everyday conversation. Finally, if you want to stay relevant, make sure it’s a name that won’t become old fashioned over time!