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Define your visual identity

Your Brand’s Personality

Deliver your brand’s visual and communication message with precision

The most successful brands are not memorable by accident. They have a clearly defined brand strategy, which includes distinctive assets, a powerful story behind them and a deep connection with their customers. To get to this point, many business owners struggle finding and choosing the right digital partner among the 100’s of options in the market.

Spark Interact is a strategic branding agency that brings your visual and communication elements together to create a distinctive brand identity; one that consumers will not only remember and be motivated by, but ultimately purchase from.

Understanding your core values

No matter what product or service your business is selling, a clearly defined brand strategy lays the groundwork for your future success and growing your market share. During your initial workshop with our friendly team, we can help you define the values at the heart of your business. We will uncover the essence of what makes your brand unique and take the time to deeply understand the world of your target audience. All of this knowledge will shape a comprehensive brand strategy and guide us in rolling out your business to consumers.


What your brand stands for and why it exists


What promises your brand makes to customers

Core values include aspects like…


How you position your brand in the marketplace


Your brand’s style and voice


Who your competition is and what they do well (or don’t)

A carefully planned brand strategy rollout

Once your foundation is in place, we’re then ready to design or refresh your website and develop your unique marketing solutions.
Our web designers and strategists will ensure your customers have a seamless experience with your brand across all touchpoints, both digital and real world. This includes everything from your visual identity to consistent brand messaging to the customer service they receive. You also need to be found by your customers during the rollout. Our team will create modern, slick and targeted digital marketing campaigns. This allows you to grow online traffic, build a following on social media, increase enquiries and drive sales.

We’ll give you an online presence to be proud of! Remember, Spark has the capability to deliver on all your branding requirements during the rollout. This might include things like printed brochures, packaging, stationery, apparel, signage and presentation templates. Whatever your business needs, we can bring it to life.

Brand management for a bright future

After a successful brand strategy rollout, your business is being found online and customers are really connecting with your brand. Now it’s all about maintaining what you’re doing well and looking for areas to improve. Brand management is a little like having a trusted custodian watching over everything your business does. Spark can:

  • Build a catalogue or library of your brand assets
  • Monitor and maintain your reputation and customer perception
  • Ensure your website and digital presence is effectively managed
  • Measure the success of your marketing efforts
  • Identify any weaknesses or new opportunities
  • Make recommendations on possible enhancements

With the online world changing rapidly, it’s critical to have a digital partner who can provide expert guidance and keep you ahead of the competition.

Manage your brand across your organisation

Show off your brand for the world to see!


Protecting your brand is vital to a successful and sustainable business. Before a brand launch or refresh, Spark can help trademark all of your distinctive assets. This includes not only your name and logo, but also the shapes, colours, images and packaging that are unique to you.


Wear your brand with pride by getting Spark to custom design apparel for your team. We can work with your existing uniforms to ensure any new logos, symbols and taglines are front and centre. With a team of stylish brand ambassadors, you’re also attracting attention and building brand awareness.


For any business with a bricks-and-mortar location, effective signage is absolutely critical to your consumer facing brand strategy. Spark are experts at creating signage, posters, decals, A-frames and any in-store branding needs. We’ll make sure all of your signage is consistent with your brand and stands out from the crowd.

Digital Stationery

Often overlooked during a brand rollout, digital stationery provides the polish on all of your online communications. Spark will guarantee your email signatures, document templates and any other customer facing collateral remain on brand. This includes consistency across all devices and browsers for a seamless brand experience.

Spark gets it right the first time

We pride ourselves on the satisfaction of our clients and we love creating strong, memorable brands. We’re also a little bit different from other agencies and exist solely to grow your brand. Our team is passionate about working with small to medium businesses and guiding them every step of the way from concept to execution.

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Brand Strategy FAQs

Digital brand strategy concerns how a company uses their limited assets to position their business image, or brand, to reach the audiences, customers or market goals they desire. Unlike brand development strategies of old, digital strategies specifically focus on understanding how consumers are communicating or interacting with digital platforms and how best to engage with an online audience. For a current digital brand strategy example, think of Tesla, a company that regularly reports revenue loss but still remains hugely popular through their active online presence.

When working out how to develop a brand strategy, a roadmap that goes through each step of the journey can help keep objectives clear. For an effective brand strategy road map, we recommend following the five guidelines below:

  1. Consider who will read the road map. Is it high-level or centred around actionable targets?
  2. Demonstrate the worth of the strategy.
  3. Anchor steps to concrete deliverables that can be tracked within the business
  4. Meet regularly with stakeholders for feedback.
  5. Settle on a format that best displays your objectives. A list, a timeline – whatever works best for you!
A keen weapon in the arsenal of brand strategy tactics is what is known as a brand awareness campaign, which stimulates conversation around your company. The first step in creating such a campaign is to target your demographic. The internet is a huge place, so narrowing your scope to a specific segment is a must. Then it’s just a matter of creating content and measuring its effectiveness. Knowing which metrics to use or how best to utilise specific platforms (e.g. Facebook) may not be obvious, but bringing in a brand strategy agency can demystify the process for you.
Whether working on an existing corporate branding strategy or firing up a new brand launch strategy, the end goal remains the same: to create a singular, recognisable image for your business. Aside from distinguishing yourself from your competitors, the benefit of providing unified branding to both staff and customers is how easy future communication becomes. At Spark we push the connection of your corporate branding to your vision and mission because of the immense time and cost savings down the line.

Firstly, you will need to start with these key elements of brand strategy:

  1. Analysis – discover who your customers and competitors are, as well as your own public image.
  2. Identity – map your consumer relationships, who are your supporters and detractors?
  3. Positioning – where are you currently positioned within the market

From there you can focus on objectives and launch into a brand content strategy. Start devising what media messaging will reposition your corporate image, bringing in your in-house marketing team or an external brand strategy company to measure the effectiveness of every content launch and revise as necessary.

Brand positioning strategy targets the individual’s perception of your company, i.e. the real-estate that you occupy in a customer’s mind. In any brand messaging strategy it is important because it determines what emotional levers your image is pulling on when your customers make purchasing decisions. Positioning favourably with a clear stance boosts your credibility and communicates the value of your service, meaning you do not need to do any extra work to justify your pricing. Understanding the value of positioning will enhance your brand and marketing strategy and help make quality implicit to your brand.
Differentiation forms part of a brand strategy tactic that highlights your company’s Unique Selling Proposition (USP). Your USP is what you offer that your competitors do not, often targeting very specific customer segments rather than trying to attract a broad audience. Making your USP known to your customer base is where digital branding consultants usually step in because recognition is a big factor at the point of purchase. Designing a unique, online voice for your brand is a surefire way to differentiate yourself.