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To get your customers onboard, first you must send the right signals. Yet too often, businesses fall at this first hurdle. They make rational vanilla claims – often about being the best – that fail to inspire their customers.

Thankfully, there’s a smarter way to work. With Spark’s branding agency services, you’ll turn your business into a brand that your industry’s most demanding and lucrative customers trust.

Building trust goes hand-in-hand with building your brand’s passion, purpose and belief. In every walk of life, we admire people with a clear purpose or cause. Engaging brands are no different. They inspire customers with emotions such as fidelity, strength, creativity, belonging or warmth.

To build your business into a brand your customers admire and trust, talk to the branding agency that adds passion. Talk to Spark.

Inspire your customers and watch the sales and brand loyalty follow. Which begs a question or two: What’s the best way for customers to feel about your brand?

How can you move there fastest? For the answers, and a roadmap that builds your brand into one your customers love and trust, talk to Spark.

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How these branding agency services add passion

At Spark, you’ll build your brand from a passion or cause. You’ll understand why and how your brand exists, rather than focus only on what your brand does. That’s what gives brands spark. From there, you’ll unpack how your brand comes to life.

All of Spark’s branding agency services scale and flex to fit what you need. Specialists can investigate your brand identity and logo design, plus your communication strategy and brand taglines. You can pinpoint how and why you’ll stand out best, then use this competitive advantage to inform all aspects of your brand communication. You can create brand experiences that deepen and strengthen your brand – and thereby, your sales – across all customer touchpoints. These range from packaging design and social media headers, to branded experiences for fulfilment services, social media channels, trade shows, mobile apps and more.

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Branding FAQs

In the simplest terms a logo is the symbol or mark that represents the business, product or service. Brand on the other hand is the entire experience the customer has with the various touch points as they engage with your business. The Brand is a complete experience from voice and tone of communication message to the colours, and is the consistent management of all aspects.. Our Brand Development program takes you effortlessly through this process and documents the guiding principles for the growth of your Brand.
At Spark our Branding Package provides the foundation for a company’s Brand identity. It includes consultation with our Marketing Specialist who guides our clients through the process of developing the Brand parameters. As determining the right Branding fit for a company is pivotal to success, we entrust the development of the Brand to our experienced and skilled Senior Designer who works in collaboration with the Marketing Specialist. With two senior specialists working on a client’s Brand development, the outcome is a resounding win for our clients.
The key to Brand longevity goes beyond the visuals. It starts at the core with the Brand promise and finds its expression through the visuals, the messaging and the interactions with the customer. Brands that endure the test of time are ones that remain consistent through these 3 elements that reinforce their core Brand promise. At Spark we help our clients develop the messaging and visual elements that pave the way for them to fulfill their Brand promise.
Building a Brand takes time and talent and as such can cost between $2,500 – $7,500. While there are many options out there that offer to create a logo for a few hundred dollars, it is important to take into account some key considerations; Does the designer have a clear understanding of your industry and competitive landscape? Have they put time into research and concept development? Do they bring a level of insight and knowledge that comes from years of experience in Brand development? Do they bring a solid knowledge of marketing and the impact that Brand choices have on the target market and the psychology that creates Brand loyalty. At Spark, our Brand development process spans not only the discipline of design but also marketing. Each Brand development process involves the creative and analytical input of two experienced Brand creators that have a host of successful Brands under their belts.
As your logo will form part of the foundation of your Brand, the logo design process is important. It should always start with a meeting to communicate a clear understanding of your business and your outcomes. The designers should be able to see your vision and interpret this into a visual form and provide concepts for you to choose from. They should be able to develop your choice into the final logo version that will eventually form the essence of your Brand. While the outcome is important, the process should be enjoyable for you. A good design firm will make the experience easy and the final result something you will be proud to own.
For organisations wishing to grow, one of the most critical processes is Brand building. By the same token, one of the most important decisions is the choice of the Branding Agency that will provide expert guidance through the journey. Creating the all important logo and establishing the brand look and feel is the starting point, but brand building is an ongoing process that requires support from a Branding Agency now and into the future. When choosing a Branding Agency some things to ask yourself are; “Do I feel a connection with the people and the company?”, “Do they listen and ask the right questions?”, “Does their portfolio of past work show the range and quality of what they do?”, “Are they adaptable and skilled to understand my business, market and audience?, “Do they have a solid track record backed by reviews and testimonials? And lastly “Will they be around for the long haul to support my business as it grows?”.