6 Key Ways a Capability Statement Answers Modern Customer Demands

6 key ways a Capability Statement answers modern customer demands

Recently updated on November 30th, 2023 at 05:27 pm

As more and more customers turn online to search for services, word-of-mouth marketing is starting to lose its edge. Instead, you need to present a professional, digital image of your company. As a result, most businesses are shifting towards digital marketing to reach their audience. But what about the industries without dedicated digital marketing teams? Well, these business owners are turning to a digital capability statement as a solution. 

A capability statement is an 8-12 page document that acts as your company’s resume. It introduces your products, services, and highlights your strengths. When well-written and well-designed, it can reach beyond your industry connections. It establishes trust with key stakeholders, without needing to be in the same room.

Below, we look at how capability statements are being reimagined. How they’re finding new business opportunities, which customer needs they address, and why they are so popular again. 

Let’s dive in and see how it works.

1. Perceived Quality

Why can Nike charge $200 for a pair of shoes? Why do we buy iPhones when we can buy knockoffs for half the price? Cost isn’t always the deciding factor when we shop – trust in a brand also plays a major role. This factor is known as Perceived Quality. 

Customers are more likely to feel satisfied if the business they are buying from is perceived to be of a high quality. This feeling is separate from the actual quality of the product or service. It’s a feeling that influences customer satisfaction before the purchase is even made. With endless options available online, making sure you have a good reputation is crucial.

How a capability statement answers this:

Studies within the construction industry reveal that the presentation of contractor standards  heavily influence Perceived Quality. Documents need to show a level of care, and a capability statement has this in spades. A well-crafted capability statement is the most polished, professional marketing document available. It is a great way to highlight the quality of your company.

2. Total Quality Management (TQM)

TQM is how you uphold your standards, day-to-day. For employees, it is a shared commitment. For clients, it is peace of mind and a problem-free partnership.

TQM is flexible. It just needs to point to a quality management system of some kind. If you can do this, it creates good faith that the job will succeed. Within on-site service industries, TQM reduces delays, increases profitability, and speeds up turnaround times.

How a capability statement answers this:

A capability statement is a great way to present your TQM. It displays your accreditations, qualifications, and the guiding principles of your company. For large-scale projects, clients know that TQM means cheaper, faster results. A capability statement clearly outlines the systems that make that happen.

3. Competitor Difference

Market competition rises as the world becomes more interconnected. With a digital presence, companies can reach broader national and international audiences. But how do you stand out when everyone is offering the same thing?

One solution is to link your service to a clear identity. If you can’t offer a unique product, emphasise the unique values you bring to your audience. By doing so, your business connects more meaningfully with your audience.

How a capability statement answers this:

With a high level of professional presentation, you don’t need to justify your service. Customers will see your quality through the image you create. A capability statement gives you space to sculpt this image while still summarising what you do for new clients. 

4. Responding to Tender

A government tender is a call for suppliers to bid on a project. All submissions are judged equally, creating an opportunity for small and medium-sized businesses to compete with larger suppliers.

Winning a tender brings significant value to your business. It expands your portfolio, establishes long-term relationships, and provides financial stability. However, to be considered, you must play by the rules. This means supplying the right documents and outlining how you will complete the project.

How a capability statement answers this:

A capability statement ticks off most of these requirements, right off the bat. It shows the full scope of your products, services, and internal processes in a neatly wrapped package. It also shows your values and vision, leaving a positive, controlled impression of your brand.

5. Targeting Decision Makers

One of the golden rules of marketing is to speak the language of your audience. When you’re pursuing a contract, this means talking to the decision-makers — the people that make the final hire.

Providing simple, high-level summaries is the best way to go. Technical details and lengthy product descriptions should be scaled back in favour of the things that matter most to them. For example, how much easier their job will be if they partner with you.

How a capability statement answers this:

Capability statements are designed to view on-the-go. Digital capability statements take this even further. Rather than trying to track down the right people and hope they keep hold of a physical brochure, simply provide a QR code, email it to them, or include a link in your email signature.

For instance, CPB Contractors, one of Australia’s largest construction companies, links to their capability statement in the footer of their website. This ensures it’s always accessible, regardless of which page a visitor lands on. It’s even designed specifically to be read online.

6. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Your CSR demonstrates the social, economic, and environmental goals of your business. They are the guidelines you and your teams follow to provide good for your community.

CSR is a key selection criteria, with ‘Societal Leadership’ being one of the most trusted qualities of businesses in 2022. However, demonstrating this commitment needs to be done in the right way. It has to be serious and thoughtful, showing you have put genuine care into your policies.

How a capability statement answers this:

A capability statement is a good way to summarise your CSR goals. Presenting your community, sustainability, and equity initiatives within a public-facing document shows a serious commitment. Also, as a capability statement is a standalone document, there’s no need to update the tone of your other material to match.

Capability Statements - A Professional Solution

Although they are short documents, creating a capability statement is core to any business journey. Especially when chasing the demands of a modern, global market. When you’re ready to start, a professional digital marketing agency like Spark makes the process simple. We help present your company in its best possible light, crafting a unique, creatively designed capability statement.

So if you’re ready to get the ball rolling, contact Spark today! Our friendly team is always ready to chat about how to launch your business to the next level.

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