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Capability Statement - Construction Industry

Capability Statement for Construction Companies

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Win that next big tender and secure your company's success this year!

A fully customised Capability Statement from Spark will surely give you the winning edge for your tenders. With our in-house team of experts, we can create comprehensive content and stunning visuals for you.

The standard of your EOI is seen as a direct reflection of your ability to fulfill a contract

All we need is to get to know more about your company and project information so we can turn them into beautifully crafted marketing tools you’d be proud to submit with your next EOI!

What is a Capability Statement?

Capability Statement for Construction Companies

A Capability Statement is similar to a CV or Resume. If you want to get the job, you’ve got to provide your prospective client (or employer) with a well-communicated, well-presented portfolio of your skills, experience and brand personality. It is becoming essential for the general construction company now.

Many large companies and Government agencies have a bidding process when looking for a new construction contractor. And the success or failure of your company during this bidding process often hinges off the way in which your company presents itself.

A well-written, well-presented Capability Statement will often put you leaps and bounds ahead of your competition.

Where to start and how do you even write it? You can get stuck into it yourself, or you can get in touch with our experts at Spark Interact – we’ll get the ball rolling and give you the best chance of securing lucrative construction contracts.

When sitting down to prepare it, you’ll want to consider these key areas:

They have been professional, responsive and accommodating since I began dealing with them. Great communication and excellent turnaround time from initial consultation to completion

As someone with the computer skills of a house brick the idea of having to construct an effective Capability Statement was daunting to say the least. Mackey and the team at Spark did a great job!

We had no idea where to even start with. Spark know the in’s & outs better than anyone. Special thanks to Aimee, Mackey and the design crew for all their efforts

The team at Spark Interact were a pleasure to work with. They put in the effort to understand our business and business model – and it shows in the final product. Would highly recommend

The importance of visual presentation

This cannot be overstated! A Capability Statement may be only 8-12 pages long, so it needs to pack a serious punch if it’s going to stand out from the pack. This means that your message will need to present with clear visual cues and carefully considered typography choices.

Don’t be too long-winded with text and always bring your message back to ‘why’ you are the company that should be picked for the job. To put it bluntly, the way in which you present your brand can often be the tipping point that gets you over the line.

How to win your tender (Great tips for you)

Stand out from the crowd

As you will probably be aware, during the tender process there’ll be several competitors vying for the project. This means it’s critical that you present it in a way that shines brightly and differentiates your business from the crowd. You’ll need to focus on visual presentation and brand perception, while your content should emphasise your experience and key competitive advantages. Never underestimate the power of a capability statement for a construction company!

Show your ability
PUSH, PUSH, PUSH! You’ve got to scream your competitive advantages and experience from the rooftops! Showcase your client portfolio and project history – past performance is always a good indicator of future performance in the eyes of prospective clientele.
Make it an eBrochure/PDF

Be flexible and offer eBrochures – the world is going paperless afterall! Instead of relying on snail mail, send your capability statement directly to someone’s inbox or make it downloadable from your website. See more capability statement examples here.

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Need help with your Capability Statement?

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