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Capability Statement

Capability Statement You’ve Come to the Experts

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They have been professional, responsive and accommodating since I began dealing with them. Great communication and excellent turnaround time from initial consultation to completion

As someone with the computer skills of a house brick the idea of having to construct an effective Capability Statement was daunting to say the least. Mackey and the team at Spark did a great job!

We had no idea where to even start with. Spark know the in’s & outs better than anyone. Special thanks to Aimee, Mackey and the design crew for all their efforts

The team at Spark Interact were a pleasure to work with. They put in the effort to understand our business and business model – and it shows in the final product. Would highly recommend

Experience and our ability to understand our clients’ businesses is what sets our Capability Statements apart.

We have an in-house team with specialist skills in idea generation, strategy, marketing, content writing and visual design, all of which are essential elements to fast-track the successful completion of a Capability Statement. Plus, our digital marketing specialists can help you deliver your content effectively online. If you are seeking a company that can take the load off your shoulders, know that you have come to a company that does the heavy lifting for you. All our products and services are designed around making your experience easy, successful and enjoyable.

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Win that Next Big Tender With Professional Capability Statement… and secure your company’s success in 2024?

If your desire is to win that next big tender, then give your company the winning edge with a fully customised statement by Spark; the experts in creating professional design and marketing tools.

The standard of your EOI is seen as a direct reflection of your ability to fulfil a contract

Moreover, we take your company and project information and turn it into beautifully crafted marketing tools you’d be proud to submit with your next EOI.

Industries that can benefit from
a Spark Capability Statement

Ideal for companies looking to present themselves professionally and striving to win more tenders. Government and Tier 1 companies are now more than ever requesting Capability Statements as part of the tender submission process. The ability to rapidly respond with a professional Capability Statement shows that you have taken the time to carefully think through the benefits your company can deliver.

At a subconscious level, it reflects that the quality of service and professionalism you offer is in line with your presentation.







Walk in with nothing, walk out with “Wow”

Having worked with numerous businesses from general construction, mining, electrical, engineering, cleaning, building, finance to information technology (IT), we have built up our expertise in Capability Statement Design for different segments. In particular we have specialised skills in preparing Capability Statement Designs used by construction companies in their tender submissions. We understand how to extract the important information about a business and present it to its best advantage. We make our clients look professional and get them set to win tenders straight from go. All this happens seamlessly with our team of experts working together. Unlike other designers who specialise in design alone, we have a team with expertise in each specialist area that make the process complete. 

Marketing Strategists

Our Marketing Strategists outline the framework and flow of the content.

Content Writers

Our Content Writers communicate your value proposition, competencies, achievements, associations and accreditations.

Graphic Designers

Our Designers take the framework, flow & written content and turn it into an outstanding visual presentation.

Being a busy entrepreneur, you will enjoy excellent communication and benefits from dealing with a single point of contact within the Spark Team. It’s also the reason why we can deliver a completed Capability Statement within 15 days.

Knowledge + Experience and Guidance for your Capability Statement

Most clients at the start of their journey towards getting a Capability Statement, don’t know where to start. They have little idea of what content will go into their statement and how it will all come together. If this is how you are feeling right now, don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place.

At Spark, we work with hundreds of businesses to achieve something amazing, without a lot of effort on their part. For instance, often our clients don’t even have the basic information.

We help them to put it together. If you are a time-poor business person eager to get your statement working for you, let us be your guide. We make the process easy.

Finally, we understand what suits you from the ground up, covering the strategy to the structure, the concept to the content and design, and the project management to the delivery (digital or print). Above all, we even provide marketing ideas on how to maximise the use of your new Capability Statement. Manage all your concerns off your plate so you can carry on with your business.

Take the step today to find out how your business can benefit from a

new Professionally Designed Capability Statement

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“They give me the result I want so I can focus on running my business”.

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“Spark is like part of our family”.