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Capability Statement

What is a capability statement?

A Capability Statement is a bit like a resume for your company. They’re used across many industries, particularly construction and mining, to attract new clientele like government agencies. However, many people still get confused about what it is. For this reason a Capability Statement Example as a reference will help you get started.

Update for March 2024: Now that the government has lifted restrictions to previously imposed to contain the spread of COIVD19, more tenders are coming available. It’s important for small-medium sized businesses to have their Capability Statements ready to submit their proposals ahead of the competitors. You may contact us now to enquire about our professional services to create your Capability Statement.

Construction worker in yellow hard hat and orange reflective vest smiling, arms crossed, isolated on a green background as an example of our capability statement.

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Capability Statement Examples

Capability Statement Examples

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Capability Statement Template

We’ve got a fantastic Capability Statement Template available for your FREE download below. It outlines everything you need to consider. Giving your company the best opportunity of winning your tender in an easy-to-understand, step-by-step fashion.

Indeed, the process of preparing a Capability Statement is not too different to creating a resume. Essentially, the idea is to showcase your talents, experience and competitive advantages. Keep it in a manner that will appeal directly to your target audience.

Customise for your tender

Our Capability Statement Example is a great starting point for you. However, you’ll still need to customise it according to your specific industry, audience and company culture. It doesn’t matter which industry you operate in. The rules remain the same when preparing your own copy:

Professional and consistent

Use high resolution images, infographics and well-structured paragraphs to emphasise key points. Keep the document styling consistent and use your brand colours throughout. This is a way to show your client how professional you are. You can see more Capability Statement Examples in our gallery.

Make it readily available

When attending conventions, meetings and conferences, have a hard-copy ready to hand-out. A professionally printed Capability Statement will ideally be full-bleed CMYK on a thicker stock of gloss or matte paper (150gsm). Remember to also have a PDF version readily available for download from your website and shareable via email.

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Our Capability Statement Template is yours to download – FREE! It outlines all of the essential information you need to win your tender and impress your prospective client.

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Capability Statement FAQs

Need a smart looking document that explains your business, plus all of its characteristics, while maintaining visually appealing? Sounds impossible, but that’s exactly what a capability statement is. A professional document that has all of the important information about a business, without the fluff, that is presented to its best advantage. Leading you one step ahead in selling your business.
Writing a capability statement doesn’t seem as easy as it sounds. Having the right language and tone in your text can really make a difference in the readability of your capability statement. Thinking about your target audience and who you would like to communicate to is an important part of writing a successful capability statement that can win your future tenders.
Before we ask for any content, we’d like to better understand your company, its values, and history. A short 15 minute get-to-know-you and your business meeting, where we can discuss early preparation for the capability statement. From there we will send you a list of required material that is needed to prepare for the design stage. This could be anything from photos, information on experience, individual biographies to license numbers. So best to have any important information you’d like to include in your capability statement ready to go!

To put it simply, marketing capability statements are a document that focuses on the key aspects that represent your business. By focusing the design around industry imagery and your branding, it’s purpose is to give you the ultimate head start when selling your services to future clients or to win tenders.

An effective capability statement is primarily based on the information and images you include! The experience and knowledge that companies have are imperative to creating an effective capability statement. We recommend collecting testimonials and project photos to better express your business and communicating authenticity.

In short, a capability statement is a visual representation of your business’ story. Collating useful information such as experience, capabilities, and services become a major selling point in promoting your business to future clients. Store away the long documentations of text, and win your tenders with a captivating, to the point capability statement that sells your business in the best way.

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