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Buildfix is on a trajectory to become a household name in structural repairs. With a growth mindset, this company was seeking to partner with a digital marketing and web design firm that could fully support its requirements…then along came Spark!

Services provided:

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White van with Buildfix branding on the side, parked in front of an orange background featuring a hammer graphic, embodies professional craftsmanship and reliability.

Illustrations and Explainer Videos

Tackling the challenge head on, Spark created a set of visually realistic illustrations to best present Buildfix’s unique methods. An illustration style was established that has now become “the Buildfix style.” Animating the illustrations and creating a series of 7 Explainer Videos took the illustrations further. Buildfix now has a complete asset base of concept illustrations and videos that can be used for any marketing activity. Now that’s versatile and powerful!

Services Brochure

Putting the illustrations to good use was next. Spark worked with Buildfix to create an extensive services brochure that the Buildfix sales team could use while out on the road when talking to prospective customers. As a sales tool this brochure increased their conversion rates and streamlined the selling process.

Web Design

The Buildfix website continued along a similar way in explaining the range of unique services but with one outstanding feature: web allowed us to bring video to the centre stage. A mega menu was created on the WordPress site and provided a standout way to showcase the videos. Spark also established a set of Google Ads tailored and targeted to an audience best suited for Buildfix’s offerings.

Brand Theming Guide

When a business is growing fast, it is important to circle back to a set of core standards that keep brand consistency in check. As Buildfix was expanding, the creation of more and varied marketing resources was needed. A Brand Theming Guide proved to be an important way of achieving cohesion for the brand. It provided a clearly defined guide that any supplier could use when dealing with Buildfix brand assets. The Brand Theming Guide meant that brand consistency could be maintained at all times.

Vehicle Signage

A moving billboard advertising the Buildfix name, this is the power of vehicle signage. With a growing fleet of vans and trucks, Buildfix understood that the right visuals and messaging could bring great benefit to the business’s marketing efforts. Spark designed the vehicle signage for Buildfix using a combination of bold statements and graphics to make heads turn.

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