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Dep Consulting


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Dep Consulting, an electrical engineering company, approached Spark for a total revamp of their image. The aim was to pivot away from a family-run feel to something more appropriate for their large-scale, corporate clients. This meant remarketing their services to a higher-level audience, as well as creating new branded collateral.

Logo of "dep consulting" featuring stylized text and an abstract icon, against a gray blurred background.

Our solution

Spark delivered a more modern, cleaner design, but still kept the iconic ‘dep’ as the star of the brand. By creating a stronger silhouette, the new logo is more flexible and recognisable. Spark also developed brand guidelines covering the use of new colours, fonts, messaging and imagery across every channel. The new Dep Consulting brand elements brought the company up to speed with its competition, claiming a bold, professional look of its own.

Webpage design for 'dep' company showcasing their services with images of professionals in meetings, environmental projects, a community event, and technical work.
Two business cards in a green holder with contact details for charles rheinberger, director at dep consulting. the cards display phone numbers and an email address.
View from below of sunlit green trees with skyscrapers towering over them, highlighting a blend of nature and urban architecture.
A brochure with a cityscape cover design placed on a wooden shelf against a grey wall, labeled with color options below.
Laptop on a green stand displaying a corporate website with a city skyline at night, captioned "engineering energy for the future.
Three architectural project images on a consulting firm's website: a twisting structure, a large stadium, and a modern hospital building, each with a "read now" button.
Marketing brochure and business card in green and gray with company logo, photos of cityscape, and professional text layout.
With their new brand extending across 
every customer touchpoint, Dep Consulting
maintains a professional image at all times.
Graphic design layout showcasing various images and text sections on a digital portfolio website. elements include urban landscapes and text blocks with a modern, clean aesthetic.