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pinnacle fitness club


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Pinnacle Fitness, a well-established gym, faced increased competition and desired a more modern brand image to attract a wider audience, while retaining their loyal clientele. Spark’s challenge was to strike a balance between tradition and innovation.

A laptop screen displays a fitness website titled "Pinnacle" with the text "Build. Balance. Burn." and shows a woman exercising. The laptop rests on a dark surface illuminated by green light streaks, capturing the essence of peak performance.

Our solution

Our web design services delivered Pinnacle a full website revamp, seamlessly blending modern design with their existing brand. Interactive elements and app integration created an engaging experience, attracting new members while keeping their loyal base.
Website featuring "Pinnacle Ladies Gym" with images of women working out, promoting a private gym for self-directed sessions and highlighting benefits like a supportive Pinnacle female-only environment.
A smiling person in a gym wears a Pinnacle shirt. Text reads, "Meet Your Pinnacle Trainers. Unlock your potential with the expert guidance of the Pinnacle Crew.
A smartphone in a protective plastic case displays a promotional fitness app screen with the text "Pinnacle Promos" and "Motivate a Mate" over an image of two people working out, embodying the pinnacle of fitness motivation.
Promotional image for Pinnacle Fitness Club featuring logo variations and an advertisement for a "14 for 14" offer, stating "Kickstart your training at Pinnacle Fitness Club. Only $1 a day. Conditions apply." Experience peak performance with Pinnacle.
A laptop displaying a fitness website with the text "Push. Pull. Climb." and images of people exercising. The laptop, set on a perforated grid surface with a black and green color scheme, epitomizes the pinnacle of workout motivation and digital design.
The result was a sleek, contemporary look that harmonised with the existing branding, injecting new energy.
A pinnacle gym marketing image featuring trainers assisting clients, equipment details, and class scenes. Text highlights personalized workouts and quality equipment.
A woman with blonde hair smiles while standing near a computer monitor. The background features the partial word "PINN" and a green triangular logo, hinting at the Pinnacle brand.
Three smartphone screens display a fitness app. The screens showcase contact information, a pinnacle power workout section, and a featured class description.
Young woman in a yellow jacket and beige hat carrying ice skates, viewed from the back, against a colorful abstract background.