Case Study


Project:  App Development


The app won the prestigious Cancer Institute Premier’s Award for Outstanding Cancer Research for its role in saving lives.

Imagine communication as the vital flow of energy linking each and every part of our global society. It makes things happen, it keeps things moving, it connects people. You know that when it comes to health services, that flow of communication is key. At Spark, we are always just a call or an email away so when NSW Health asked for our help, we were there in a heartbeat!

To revolutionise and streamline communication and access to vital treatment, the HCRN selected us to develop a smartphone app to connect those dots. The first of its kind, our app is designed to get clinical trial information to the fingertips of clinicians and patients.

It all started when the Haematology Clinical Research Network (HCRN) started looking into reasons why patients with haematological cancers were not being referred to clinical trials. They discovered that patients did not want to travel, that haematologists did not want to refer patients to other hospitals and, most importantly, that referring patients was cumbersome and time consuming.


Using existing collaboration amongst NSW haematologists, our cross-referral rate has gone from 1-3/ month to ~15+ per month and has given countless patients access to quality trials. Now we call that a success!


We have since developed thirteen different apps under the ClinTrial name. They are all based around the smart flow of digital information through existing networks between medical specialists, cancer trial studies and patients. We connect the dots and make energy flow.

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