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Catalogue Design

Design & Print Catalogue Services in Australia

Do you want to make sure your catalogue design draws attention? Our experts put together a series of tips on how to elevate your catalogue from good to great.

A brochure with a blue and white cover displaying the title "Secure Your Property Forever" and images of a yellow door and gated property. The open page shows text and photos related to security systems.

Print Catalogues
in the Digital Age

A product catalogue is a marketing collateral that provides essential information about your product. It is like a shopping aisle that a customer can hold and browse in their hands.  In this digital age, print catalogues remain an essential tool in many businesses’ marketing arsenal. Unlike digital assets, a quality printed catalogue can serve its business purpose for a long period of time. Sales teams and marketers utilise catalogues to refer to their products during customer conversations. Managers and store clerks utilise catalogues as a handy resource of the products in their warehouse. Buyers use it as reference material while making purchase decisions for their business. Overall, catalogues are a value-add for both your customers and team.

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Essentials in
Catalogue Design

More than just aesthetics, a catalogue design can communicate your brand story and put the quality of your products or services front and centre by combining impeccable copy and beautiful imagery. Catalogues should be considered a key part of your marketing strategy. From the first page, you want to create an impression that lasts and entices the reader to learn more. We’ve rounded up some of the essential elements in catalogue design:

  • Essential and accurate information should be included such as product features, descriptions, dimensions, cost, colour and availability.
  • Back up the claims you make with hard evidence. Presenting your customer with proof of your success – such as customer reviews – gives them confidence in your business.
  • Highlight unique points of difference and give the customer a reason to choose you over your competitor.
  • Imagery is paramount. Invest in high quality images that present your product or service well.
  • Using high quality paper and printing gives the reader the right impression – it’s all in the details. 
  • Have an enticing offer and a clear call-to-action so prospective customers are encouraged to take the next step – whether it’s giving you a call, arranging a face-to-face meeting or filling out a sign-up form. 
Two open booklets displaying colorful charts, data tables, and text content alongside a closed booklet with a purple and white cover, all exemplifying expert catalogue design to promote JCS.

A Full Team at Your Service

Remember that the success of a catalogue design, much like any other marketing material, emanates from a clear purpose. At Spark, we take a marketing perspective to ensure your catalogue design forever positions your business in your customer’s mind. Our team has an arsenal of knowledge and skills to manage every aspect of your catalogue design.  Our expertise ranges from marketing strategy, copywriting, imagery, graphics, layout and more.  We prioritise getting a thorough understanding of your business to cater to your specific needs.

Marketing Strategists

We discuss your business plans and goals and come up with a clear strategy to help achieve them. Understanding your business objectives is our priority here at Spark

Graphic Designers

We develop the visuals of your catalogue incorporating beautiful imagery and creative graphics to ensure a stunning catalogue your competitors will envy. First impressions are essential and eye-catching visuals make all the difference to help your business stand out from the crowd.


We highlight your business in a voice that resonates with your target audience to grab their attention and entice them to continue reading.

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