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Leaders in the Field of Engineering Consultancy & Resourcing.

When CCR first contacted Spark they were at the start of their journey, ready to establish their voice and position as leaders in the field of engineering consultancy and resourcing. With the coming together of two established entities in a joint venture the aim for CCR was to expand the new company’s capabilities and increase market share. The key was to start off on the right track. That’s why getting the brand positioning just right was number one priority.

Communication & Brand Strategy

Spark was invited to work with CCR through a series of workshops to define their core messaging through a Communication Strategy. From here the Brand Strategy was created to provide an overarching brand presence for the newly formed company as well as the established entities.

Company Profile

Messaging and branding were brought together in the creation of a professional Company Profile for CCR. Spark then defined the structure of the document, wrote the content and selected engaging imagery to bring out the best of this Company Profile.

Corporate Branding

Providing stationery that was in line with the new CCR brand was next on the agenda. Spark created a set of digital stationary that included branded Powerpoint slides, MS Word letterheads and MS Word spreadsheets. Printed stationery was designed and provided in the form of business cards.


Web Strategy

Making their presence known online required a website that adhered to the CCR brand and messaging guidelines. The website designed and developed by Spark is based on a WordPress platform. It connects email subscriptions to one of the most popular email marketing platforms from which CCR now uses to send out regular communications with its subscriber base.

Email Marketing & Social Media

Spark provided guidance around the social space. We designed and set up Social Media profiles on Facebook, LInkedin and Youtube. All personnel had their individual profiles updated. When ready to launch the new brand, a coordinated campaign across social and email marketing was carried out.

Packaging, Promotions & Customer Communication

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