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Make a Great First Impression with a Professional Company Profile

Essentially, a company profile is a professional introduction to your company. It communicates important information about your company in a way that effectively reaches all stakeholders, from investors to potential customers. Put simply, your company profile is an opportunity to put your best foot forward.

It’s easy to fall into the trap of creating a company profile that’s all about “me, me, me.” For a company profile to capture the attention of your target audience, it needs to complete the statement, “We help [x] do [y].” Through a creative process that carefully constructs words, imagery, and ideas, you can present your business in its best light.

What does a company profile include?

Your company story

A compelling origin story that reveals your company overview through its unique history and company culture. This clearly communicates your company's identity and is an excellent way to capture the minds of customers and forge a memorable connection with your audience.
Business & finance

Vision and mission statement

Your vision and mission statement establish why your company exists and what you want to become. These demonstrate your commitment to future business development, establishing in your company profile why your audience should consider a long-term partnership with you.

Engaging visuals

Powerful visuals are the cornerstone of any corporate profile design. Professionally present corporate information whilst grabbing your audience’s attention to leave powerful impressions of your business with your customers. Your products and services are seen first, so make it count.

Team members

Highlight your talented team members and showcase their skills in your company profile. This forges real human connection with your audience and adds a layer of credibility to your service. Invite clients to preview the calibre of the teams they will work alongside in a partnership with your business.

Awards and recognition

If your business has won awards, has great reviews or has worked with a swag of impressive clients, why not show it off and give your audience a peek into the potential success they can share with you as their partner? A company profile should highlight track record, triumphs, and more.

Point of difference

Clearly demonstrate your company's value proposition within your corporate profile. Highlight the exceptional value you deliver through your innovative products or services and give an overview of what makes your company uniquely capable of providing for your clients.


Your company profile is a document designed to be shared, so it's important for you to weave in clear CTAs to prompt potential clients when you're not in the room. This could be inviting visitors to learn more about you, download a brochure, or simply provide their contact information to stay connected.

Looking for inspiration?
View our company profile examples:

Here’s some inspiration to kickstart your ideas!

The Spark approach

Running a business is no easy feat. Our goal at Spark is to take as much off your plate as possible. We want to make the process of getting a company profile simple for you. Having worked with numerous businesses within various industries, our expert team works collaboratively with you to cover all bases. We take your company’s bare-bones information and transform it into a high-impact corporate profile. Here’s an overview of our team:

Marketing Strategists

Our Marketing Strategists collaborate with you to set marketing goals that align with your business goals. They track and measure marketing outcomes to identify your strong points and present your business in the best light.


Our Corporate Copywriters have a wealth of experience in writing company profiles. They know how to communicate your company values, proposition, competencies, achievements, associations and accreditations.

Graphic Designers

Our Designers take the framework, flow and copy and use their magic to create a visually stunning, informative, and effective company profile page. This ensures your brand shines through, attracting and engaging your audience.

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