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Make a Great First Impression with a Professional Company Profile

In its bare essence, a company profile is a professional introduction to your company. It communicates important information about your company to stakeholders, such as investors or potential customers. It’s your opportunity to put your best foot forward.

It is very easy to fall into the trap of creating a company profile that’s all about “me, me, me.” For a company profile to capture the attention of your target audience, it needs to complete the statement, “We help [x] do [y].” Through a creative process that carefully constructs words, imagery, and ideas, you can present your business in its best light.

Company profile essentials

Tell your story

A compelling origin story revealing your company’s history is an excellent way to forge a memorable connection with your audience.
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Vision and mission statement

Your vision and mission statement establishes why your company exists and what you want to become. If your audience shares your values, they will consider a long-term partnership with you.

Engaging visuals

Powerful visuals grab your audience’s attention and convey the story in ways that transcend language.

Team members

Showcasing your team members and their skills helps to forge a real human connection with your audience.

Awards and recognition

If you have awards, great reviews or a swag of impressive clients, showcase them to give your audience a peek of their potential success with you as their partner.

Point of difference

Make it clear why your company is different by highlighting the unique value you provide.


Subtle but clear calls-to-action should be woven into your presentation.

Looking for inspiration?
View our top four company profile samples:

Here’s some inspiration to kickstart your ideas!

The Spark approach

Running a business is no easy feat. Our goal at Spark is to take as much off your plate as possible. We want to make the process of getting a company profiles simple for you.  Having worked with numerous businesses within various industries, our expert team works collaboratively with you to cover all bases. We take your company’s bare-bones and transform it into a high-impact company profile. Here’s an overview of our team:

Marketing Strategists

Our Marketing Strategists collaborate with you to set marketing goals that align with your business goals. They track and measure marketing outcomes to identify your strong points and present your business in the best light.


Our Copywriters have a wealth of experience in writing company profiles. They know how to communicate your value, proposition, competencies, achievements, associations and accreditations.

Graphic Designers

Our Designers take the framework, flow and copy and use their magic to create an outstanding visual presentation.

Our FREE Company Profile Presentation Template is yours to download! It includes all of the company profile essentials to impress your clients. 

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