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Delivering BIG, BOLD solutions for small to medium-size businesses

When it comes to digital marketing, who said the big boys had to have all the fun? We work with small and medium size businesses to create modern, slick, creative and impactful digital marketing campaigns. Our digital strategies are designed to deliver a knock-out blow to your competitors.

We’ll give your company an online presence to be proud of – one that works hard for you, but makes your clients and customers proud to be part of the success too. Taste the fuller flavour of organic SEO – feast on the power of Adwords – savour the succulence of social media and gasp at the moreish aftertaste of email marketing.

Advertising with Google Ads

A person searches for a product or service they are interested in on Google and your business pops up straight away. Sounds like a dream, right? This is what a strategic AdWords campaign can do. When you take us onboard as your Google AdWords provider, you can expect your ads to be up and running within 1 day. No fuss, no stress, just results.

Google Display Network

Don’t want to overwhelm your customers with ads. No problem. Google Display Network allows you to subtly showcase your business. Here, your ad is featured on other successful websites, videos and applications that your customer is already engaging with.

Google Shopping

Don’t be shy – show off your products with an image-rich ad popping up on search results pages. Google Shopping allows your potential customers to see your products before they even click through to your website. This filters out irrelevant audiences and hones in on people looking for your exact products. Let your online sales grow!

Google Remarketing

For e-commerce business owners, there is nothing more discouraging than a customer abandoning their shopping cart after clicking purchase. However, many distractions appear in our day to day lives which could deter your customer from completing a purchase. Google Remarketing allows you to skilfully recapture these almost-lost customers to complete their purchase.

Email Marketing

We’re here to help make sure that all your outgoing communications are simple, engaging, enticing and bubbling with relevant information. We’ll work closely with you to squeeze every drop of potential from your emails, newsletters, e-postcards and e-surveys. There are so many powerful digital communication tools out there. It’s just a case of understanding how to get the very best out of them.

Social Media Marketing

Harnessing the power of social media is fast-becoming a cornerstone of digital marketing. Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram – any following you raise on social networks can grow quickly and become super-effective in closing a deal. By posting relevant content and paid advertising on social networks, you can quickly begin to increase traffic to your website. At Spark, we can create and manage your social media channels for you.

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