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When it comes to digital marketing, who said the big boys had to have all the fun? We work with small and medium size businesses to create modern, slick, creative and impactful digital marketing campaigns. Our digital strategies are designed to deliver a knock-out blow to your competitors. We’ll give your company an online presence to be proud of – one that works hard for you, but makes your clients and customers proud to be part of the success too. Taste the fuller flavour of organic SEO – feast on the power of Adwords – savour the succulence of social media and gasp at the moreish aftertaste of email marketing.



Just a few years ago, it was important that your products and services could be found by the major search engines. These days, effective search engine optimization is, by far and away, the most crucial factor for any business hoping to succeed in the digital space.
If you fancy a place in the Crow’s Nest of the Good Ship Google; enjoying the view and looking down on your competitors – Spark can help you make the climb. If you reckon your SEO is already top-notch, give us a call anyway – we’ll give you the spark to push even further up the ladder.

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That’s exactly why we place so much value on our Pay per Click services and packages.
We won’t simply drive traffic to your website – our laser-targeted Adword campaigns will generate legitimate leads – bringing in clear return on investment within 24-hours. With expertly researched, highly-effective PPC campaigns in place, you won’t be able to physically force that horse to drink – but we can certainly make sure it’s very thirsty when it arrives…

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Your customers are probably people – we find most of them normally are. And as people, we’re all becoming accustomed to emails landing in our inbox which we’re really not interested in reading.
We’re here to help make sure that all your outgoing communications are simple, engaging, enticing and bubbling with relevant information.
We’ll work closely with you to squeeze every drop of potential from your emails, newsletters, e-postcards and e-surveys. There are so many powerful digital communication tools out there. It’s just a case of understanding how to get the very best out of them.

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Social Media


You’d be staggered by how many purchases and business interactions begin with the phrases, “My friend”, “My colleague”, “My brother/sister/mum/dad/auntie/cat”.
Harnessing the power of social media is fast-becoming a cornerstone of digital marketing Sydney. Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram – any following you raise on social networks can grow quickly and become super-effective in closing a deal.
By posting relevant content and paid advertising on social networks, you can quickly begin to increase traffic to your website.
At Spark, we can create and manage your social media channels for you. We’ll soon become the best friend you ever had!

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Client feedback

Case studies

Pure Gelato


Hailed as Australia’s most prolific gelato manufacturer, multi award winning Pure Gelato is one of our treasured long-standing clients. Pure Gelato have steadily grown their delicious empire over the years and Spark have been there every step of the way.

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Preference Floors

Preference Floors is one of the top importers and distributors of hardwood and bamboo flooring in Australia. Working closely with Director Eddie Liu, Spark developed a branding strategy to ensure key positioning of their product range within the Australian marketplace.

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NSW Department of Health

NSW Health asked for our help, we were there in a heartbeat! We have developed a series of award-winning clinical trial Apps for medical specialists, revolutionising the way cross referrals work. We make things happen. We are just a call or an email away.

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