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What Is Domain Authority? How Much Does It Really Matter?

What Is Domain Authority? How Much Does It Really Matter?

Domain Authority is a metric that was developed by Moz to predict  how well your website will do in Search Engine Rankings and is something that is difficult to understand. According to the information listed on Moz’s website, they developed a 100 point scale and included factors such as Data from Mozscape web index, link counts, and Mozrank/Moztrust scores.

What is Mozrank?

Mozrank is calculated for any page using the number of links pointing towards that page. It’s not just the number of links here that matters, the quality of the links matters too. A website that has a total number of links lesser than its competitor can rank higher depending upon the quality of the links.

What is Moztrust?

Moztrust is also calculated on the basis of links, however, it measures the ‘distance’ of your site from highly trusted authority domains. Government domains like .edu or Wikipedia are considered trustworthy  and a website can increase their Moztrust score by garnering links from these sites.

How Important is Domain Authority?

Domain Authority is a third party index and the score that it offers is relative. A higher score means that you are more likely than other websites to be featured highly in a search engine ranking and vice-versa is true as well.

The thing about this score is that not everyone buys into it or gives it absolute importance but it is better to have a high domain authority score than a low one.

Domain Authority Increases With Time

Since Domain Authority uses primarily the presence of high-quality links to rank websites, it can be treated as a good indicator of SEO strength, although should not be used as the only determinant to judge a website.

A newer website may have other strengths but will only acquire high-quality links with time. Just because the website has a low DA score does not necessarily mean that it is a ‘bad’ website.

How To Improve Your Domain Authority Score?   

This is not the easiest of tasks initially because websites are caught in a vicious cycle. Good DA requires you have good quality backlinks but unless your DA is high, other websites do not want to link to you and decrease their own DA.

So what is it that can be done?

  •    Stay relentless and keep on writing high quality, unique and relevant copy that other have to link to.
  •    Try and see if you can get some links from you’re the same websites your competitors are
  •    Try and gather links from a diverse set of websites located in different geographic locations with different extension domain endings.
  •    Focus on quality rather than quantity. Buying backlinks is not a good idea post the Penguin update to Google’s algorithm and will instead do your ranking more harm.
  •    Focus on having a healthy social media presence and encourage your users to share links on their social channels as well.
  •    Make your presence felt in forums relevant to your website

Domain Authority is an important measure of the site’s credibility and site owners would do well to focus on improving it. Just keep in mind that the inherent way in which it is measured makes the metric difficult to influence in a short time, so be patient.


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