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Build Long-Term EDM Marketing and Email Automation

Building long-term relationships with your existing clients and new leads with EDM Marketing makes good business sense and is an effective way of growing your business. It is also one of the most economical methods of marketing.

Email List Management

A good email list is the core of any digital marketing campaign. At Spark we can help you implement strategies that will grow your list. We will group, segment and personalise these lists for more accurate targeting to deliver higher open rates, click throughs and better engagement.

Design and Creative

A successful email campaign starts with good strategy, convincing copywriting and stunning visuals. At Spark we have a team of marketing strategists, designers and developers that work in sync to deliver email marketing that creates an emotional connection and delivers campaign goals.

Reporting and Analytics

EDM marketing delivers instant campaign metrics, giving you an overview within a matter of hours. Spark partners with enterprise grade email providers like Mailchimp and Campaign Monitor who comply with global spam filter requirements. At Spark we take care of all this so you can concentrate on your business.

Campaign Automation

Spark can help you take advantage of automations that will save your business time. These can be as simple as a single email that a user receives when they fill out a form to more complex automations that are conditional based. Don’t worry, this is something we will take care of for you.

eCommerce Automation with EDM Marketing

The key to any successful e-commerce store is the ability to convince your audience to keep buying over and over again. Existing customers have a relationship with your business and EDM marketing is the best way to keep them engaged to come back again.

E-commerce cart abandonment can be a major problem. At Spark we help you to reconnect with lost opportunities using EDM marketing. If a shopper abandons their cart, we can connect with the user by sending a personalised EDM containing the items that are still in their shopping basket. This, combined with Google Ads and Facebook remarketing, delivers clients with a seamless shopping experience and e-commerce owners with better conversions. Get in touch with us and we’ll get your EDM marketing and automations off to a flying start.

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EDM Marketing FAQs

EDM marketing is the process of sending large numbers of emails to a targeted group of people. The benefit of EDM marketing is that it allows a large number of customers or prospects to receive your message instead of using a one by one approach. With so many individuals open to your EDM marketing message, you have the opportunity to build meaningful engagements with your audience.

Unlike social media, EDM marketing is direct, personalised and cost effective. You can send customised messages to customers or prospects and have them repeatedly engage with your business, building strong customer bonds that leads to repeat business. It can be used for new product announcements, newsletters, price promotions or any business communication that needs to be sent to a large number of recipients. It is one of the best ways to stay in the mind of your customers.

If you want to start EDM marketing but don’t know where to begin, follow these steps: 

  1. Start with an email list. This should be a list of subscribers who have consented to being contacted by your company. Don’t despair if you don’t have a list of active email subscribers, there are strategic ways to collect them. For example, you can create an opt-in form on your website and then drive traffic to that form via an offer or giveaway. 
  2. Sign up with an EDM marketing platform such as Mailchimp, Active Campaign or Campaign Monitor. 
  3. Import your list or link up your signup form to the email platform. 
  4. Build your email. You can choose from a range of templates and customise one to suit your brand.

If you have a list of less than 2000 active subscribers, free platforms like Mailchimp are the most inexpensive way to get started. You can sign in with just an email address. There are templates and many tools that will help you get going quickly. If you are looking to build a strategic marketing plan incorporating EDM marketing as one of the tools then a digital marketing agency can help. Depending on the complexity of the email campaign the fee can start from as little as $500 for the creation, design and delivery.

EDM marketing has evolved over the years and remains a relevant and effective form of marketing for the following reasons: 

  1. It is a cost effective way of reaching a wide audience. 
  2. It provides extensive data for analysis so that effectiveness can be readily measured. 
  3. It is a perfect tool for personalised B2B communication, acting as a soft way to keep top of mind with your customers. 
  4. It provides the opportunity to test effectiveness of a campaign by running A/B Testing.
  5. It allows for segmentation of your email list so that emails can be customised for a specific target audience.

CRM EDM marketing is customer relationship management EDM. EDM marketing is most powerful when it combines the tools of CRM to provide a personalised connection with the receiver. Like the traditional form of direct mail, CRM EDM marketing uses merge data to create emails that speak directly to the prospect with customised information that is relevant to them. With 81% of small and medium-sized businesses strongly relying on email as their main source of customer acquisition, it stands to reason that communication that is more direct, relevant and engaging will be more effective.

Longevity of a technology doesn’t always indicate that it is becoming stale, especially if the technology has evolved. EDM marketing has transformed over the years and still remains a popular form of marketing for many businesses. In fact, numbers show that EDM marketing outperforms other popular tools such as social media marketing. If executed and deployed well, you will find EDM marketing to be a simple, cost effective marketing tool.

Mailchimp is perhaps the most popular EDM marketing platform. It helps businesses manage their EDM marketing with ease. You can send email campaigns for free if your database has less than 2000 recipients. It comes with a suite of templates that can get you started with little or no training. Easy to use design tools will have you designing custom emails quickly. Once you send the campaign there are some powerful reporting tools that can provide analytical data to measure the success of your campaign.