EOFY Marketing: 5 Tips to Stand Out and Cut Through the Noise

EOFY Marketing Tips- Stand Out and Cut Through the Noise

Recently updated on December 28th, 2023 at 03:04 pm

With so much noise surrounding EOFY, how can your business stand out and capture the attention of customers?

End of financial year (EOFY) can be overwhelming – for businesses and customers. Around this time, every online store and shopfront seems to be screaming for your attention. In an environmentlike this, getting noticed is tough. To then get buy-in from customers is even tougher. But this is where strong branding and messaging can help. During EOFY, there is plenty of opportunity for businesses to promote their products and boost revenue. To do so, however, you need to beat out all the other promotions competing for your audience’s attention. It’s not enough to simply offer a good discount, you need to create a compelling message. Something that is tuned to a different frequency, that cuts through the other marketing noise. In this article, we’ll share some valuable EOFY marketing tips to do just that. To stand out and be heard by potential customers.

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5 EOFY marketing tactics you should know

We’ve put together 5 marketing tactics that you can use in your own campaigns, right now. These guidelines will help you to carve out a lasting brand impression that sticks in the mind of your customers.

Be creative with marketing

There is a quote that’s commonly shared across the marketing world:

It was said by Stephan Vogel (of the internationally renowned agency Ogilvy & Mather), and it sums up the benefits of creative marketing perfectly. By adopting a more artistic approach, you’re more likely to catch the eye of your audience. In turn, this helps you stretch the value of your advertising dollar.

But this doesn’t mean you need to create a grand work of art. All you need to offer is a bit of novelty. For example, look at how the startup Shrooly advertises their home-grown mushrooms on Facebook: 

Is it real footage? It doesn’t matter! The time-lapse video is simple, striking, and it makes you want to watch until the end. Shrooly isn’t waiting for customers to Google discounts for home mushroom kits. Instead, they’re putting out ads to draw people in. If you can show your products with a little bit of flair, it’ll make that ‘50% off’ banner even juicier when it drops.

Leverage social media

Social media is an excellent tool for reaching an active audience. As EOFY approaches, you can capitalise on the power of platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok to reach millions of bargain hunters. With just a small nudge (and a little investment), your special offers can be bounced around all kinds of audiences. 

Consider the success of the award winning Lil Jif Project, an advertising campaign that blew up on TikTok in 2022. Jif, the American peanut butter brand, challenged users to post a video of themselves trying to rap – after eating a spoonful of peanut butter.

The resulting videos were fun, easy to share, and sent users running to the supermarkets to get enough Jif for the challenge. For EOFY marketing, the important lesson here is to find a way to interact with your audience. Run contests, giveaways, hourly exclusives. Anything that will get customers posting to create a bit of buzz around your brand.

Focus on customer service

EOFY is one of the busiest periods for businesses. It’s also when good customer service makes the biggest difference. Investing in the customer experience now, when your competitors’ teams are stretched thin, will give big returns in the future. It’ll separate you from the pack and leading to more referrals and repeat business. Three key customer service tips:
  • Respond to customer inquiries quickly and courteously.
  • Train staff on products and promotions in advance.
  • Make sure your customers are happy with their purchase, even after the sale is over.

Define your brand's personality, voice, and message

During EOFY, consumers are more likely to make impulse purchases. They’ll be chasing the deal, looking for big discounts before time runs out. This means they’ll be doing less research before buying. So you’ll need to make a strong impression upfront. The best way to do this on short notice? Define your brand’s personality, voice, and message. Doing so will allow you to:
  • Generate fast, on-brand responses across the organisation
  • Make simple templates for content creation
  • Build on your brand with every customer interaction

Speak directly to your target audience

In any marketing campaign, it’s important to speak directly to your target audience. This means using their language to tell a story that they care about. Stop and think about who you want to talk to in your ads. Put yourself in their shoes and try to solve their problems, with your product. For example, if your target audience is young professionals, focus on how you can save them time and money. If your target audience are families, show the value you can bring to the young ones, but use the language of the audience with the money – the parents.

Power up your EOFY marketing with professional guidance

You may want to handle your branding and communication in-house, but you’ll often be at a disadvantage to larger companies with bigger marketing budgets. However, seeking professional advice can level the playing field. Agencies give you a competitive edge, giving strategic advice for everything from brand development to content creation.

At Spark, we specialise in adding value to your EOFY ideas. We empower your business so it can create its own impactful marketing campaigns. Our wide range of services includes graphic design, typography, content writing, animation, website development, and more. Everything you need to support your marketing vision across all channels. By partnering with us, you can elevate your EOFY marketing to new heights and maximise your return on investment.

Don't get lost in the EOFY noise - make sure your message is heard.

Successfully navigating the EOFY marketing season requires a clear plan of action. It means understanding your market presence and effectively communicating to your target audience. By following these EOFY marketing tips, you can start developing the tactics you need to succeed.

At Spark, we understand the importance of branding and communication, especially during the EOFY season. We offer a range of services to help you create a clear and consistent brand identity, from creative marketing to social media management.

By working with us, you can raise your marketing campaigns head and shoulders above the competition. Don’t let the EOFY noise drown out your messagetalk to Spark today to learn more about how we can help you stand out.

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