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This Google Service Is A Game Changer For Your Business

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Google My Business is a service from Google that allows customers to register their business in an online directory. This means that the next time someone searches for your business online they will be able to find you quite easily. This service will get your information on Google search listings, Google Maps, and Google plus.

Managing your online presence and being accessible to your customers is an essential part business strategy, in fact, a lot of people will argue that it is the most important part. Not only are more people using search more than ever before, they are using it for businesses in every category imaginable. Customers are also much more likely to walk into local stores that they have checked out online so it is not just about online sales.

Google My Business helps Customers:

  • Find you
  • Get In Touch With
  • Find Your Place Of Work
  • Give you Feedback/Recommend you Easily
  • See what Your Place Of Work Is like

Google’s search algorithms, which can make or break a business, have been tweaked to give search results using this service a higher priority. As more and more businesses get on board this service, you cannot afford to not be a part of it and get left behind.

We at Spark Interact offer you a simple, convenient solution to manage your online presence through Google My Business. We gather all the relevant information, set up your business on this service and do all the heavy lifting so that more customers have access to you than ever before. The next time a customer checks in at your location, tags your business or reviews you online, you can interact with them directly and turn them into a loyal fan base.

Your business will be verified for authenticity adding another layer of trust and give you a simple way to alter any information that you may need to. This service is also essential for those businesses that already have a website or a social page to interact with their customers since it ties everything together neatly and presents it to the user irrespective of the device they are using.

Our expertise in design, search engine optimization, and consumer interaction is an ideal combination to help you take control of your business and make a real difference to the bottom line.

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