How to Optimise your Website for BING

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Recently updated on November 17th, 2023 at 03:59 pm

BING is the web search engine launched by Microsoft. It was formerly known as Windows Live Search and MSN Search. According to some surveys Bing occupies 16% of all online search queries. Bing can find results and they can be displayed in about 37 languages.

Bing also shows search suggestions and related search known as Explore Pane. This feature was presented by Powerset through “Semantic technology”. Bing daily changes the background image. It has a navigation pane on the left side. The extended preview shows a larger view on the right side and also provides URLs to links. Bing also displays the contact of Customer Services in certain websites.

Before discussing how we can optimize the website for Bing Search Engine. We should understand how BING is different from Google.

Bing contains Simple Algorithms:

If we compare the algorithms of Bing and Google, the Google’s algorithms would be complex as compared to Bing. This is the reason that Bing is more vulnerable to spam techniques. There are many Search Engine Optimisation strategies that do not work on Google but they still rank you better on Bing. Bing is striving hard to make its algorithms complex in order to be less vulnerable to the Search Engine Optimization’s spam techniques. Anyhow you can easily achieve good ranking on Bing rather than Google.

Long Crawling Time:

Bing takes more time to crawl through the website and Google takes less time. Bing takes much time to affect the results due to the changes made on the pages.

Less Public focus on Bing:

As Google captures more than 60% of all online search queries, therefore mostly people focus on optimizing their websites for Google rather than Bing.

Those site owners that are repeatedly knocked out in Google can take benefit of the opportunities that Bing presents.

Authentic Content:

Due to less public focus the webmasters have given less focus on BING as well. This is the reason that you can find more authentic content on Bing that is filtered of SEO gimmicks and artificial pumping.

Now we discuss the methods to optimize your website for BING.

HTML title related keyword-based anchor text:

The previous Search Engine Optimization techniques can still work best for BING due to less complex algorithms. The Bing evaluates the keyword-based anchor text. Use anchor texts on inbound backlinks that should be connected to HTML titles. This is not an essential requirement that the combination of the keyword should be exact. The connection to Bing’s indexing bots can easily be demonstrated by using related words (not necessarily exact words).

Outbound links are preferable:

Bing gives more priority to outbound links and while indexing and ranking, it gives it more weight.

Regular publication of High Quality Content:

Bing has the ability to identify large number of potential ranking keywords especially when the fresh content on the website is added. On the basis of regular publication of high quality content or updating the website, BING analyzes the comparative importance of one website over the other. So it is recommended to regularly publish high level content on your site. You can build up a schedule chart for this practice to facilitate yourself.

Importance of on-page factors:

Here is a difference of opinion. According to some Search Engine Optimisation experts Bing gives more importance to on-page factors while there are some that disagree with this point. On each web page, employ title tags because Bing likes it and prioritizes your website while ranking and indexing your site. Bing pays particular attention to title tags while ranking and indexing your website.

Priority to age of the website:

Even more than Google, the Bing gives more importance to the authority of the website and to the age of domain or the age of the website. Bing ranks your site as better as older it is.


Bing is better for all those websites on which flash has been given much importance. For those site owners who have employed flash animations more on their websites, Bing is good news. If you want to rank your site higher on BING then focus on adding more flash.

Content longer than 300 words:

We can’t define a rule but the SEO experts suggest that the content should be longer than 300 words to be get noticed by BING. Your articles should be long, the content, blogs or stuff on your pages should be lengthy enough.

Not more than two keywords per page:

Use only two keywords per page of your website as it is a recommendation given on own FAQ page of Bing.

Meta Tags:

Google and Bing both give importance to Meta tags slide. Bing and Google both recommend unique title tags, description tags and keywords tag on each page. This takes time but produce excellent results.

Continue Other Good SEO techniques:

Despite some of the differences between Search Engine Optimization methods and techniques between Google and Bing there are still some general good SEO practices that should be followed like:

Keywords in URL:

Whether it is Bing or Google and whether your site is older or a new, it is always recommended to put the keywords of your business in the URL of the website. BUT after the recent update of Google “Google EMD Update” exact match domains are discouraged. As far as Bing is concerned exact match domains still work very well.

Main heading in H1tag:

This is best recommended SEO strategy that the main heading should be designed as an H1 tag of the website. It is better to employ only one H1 tag on one web page

Text navigation Links:

In the past this has been given less significance but now the use of text links within internal navigation is being commonly valued. It provides two benefits. On one side it optimizes the search engine ranking as the search engine weighs the value of related pages to particular search and puts it at top. On the other hand it also assists the visitors leading them to further information about the website and the relevant topics about their queries.

Conclusion: In particularly if you are a business owner whose business relies on internet or in general you are any business owner you cannot deny the significance of internet and search engine optimisation. So in this realm you have to keep intact what the three big internet giants Yahoo, MSN and Google are up to especially when two of them Yahoo and MSN tie up. This is a reason that BING is growing up continuously although its share is still far less than Google but it is expected that BING can come up with major changes in the indexing and ranking style of the websites to make it unique. So don’t lose the sight on BING.

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