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In Top 10 Marketing Strategies


All businesses need to understand the importance of being known. That is a business needs to be a celebrity in its own right for success. It is important to be known because many customers view some organisations “more expert, worthier, better in quality and good at what they do” just because they are well known. These businesses may not actually be better than their competitors, but the customers assume that they are better just because they are famous.

It is important to highlight that customers are willing to pay higher prices for the products offered by the well-known organisations. These products may not necessarily have any better feature or higher quality than the products offered by less-known competitors, but they will be able to attract higher prices.

Now that I have explained the importance of “fame”, I will discuss top ten marketing strategies that will help you to be known in the market and among customers.

1. Stand out:

The most important marketing strategy is to make your business stand out from your competitors. Point out to your potential customers what makes you different from other companies. For example tell your customers about your unique return policies, unusual features of your product, and your extraordinary customer service.

2. Consistent Marketing:

You should consistently keep on marketing. Regularly advertise, take part in contests, offer free giveaways, and participate in social activities to consistently keep the name of your business out there in the market.

3. Personalisation:

Personalise with your customers. Make your customers feel that you think of them more than just customers. You can do this, for example, by maintaining a list of birthdays of your regular customers. Send them birthday cards with special discount coupons.

4. Work for the community:

To be seen as working regularly to make your community a better place will grow your goodwill and reputation. Regularly donate to local charities, NGOs and other organisations serving for the betterment of the community.

5. Giveaways, gifts and presents:

Give away prizes, gifts and presents to your existing and potential customers on a regular basis. This marketing strategy will help you collect important information about your customers. Ask your customers to participate in the contest by filling an entry form that requires their name, postal address and emailing ID.

6. Create a website:

Create a website that provides important information about your business and your products and their features. Make your website interesting and attractive. Submit your website to Google and let the world know about your services.

7. Newsletters:

Send newsletters to your customers through mail or email. This lets you to stay in contact with them on a regular basis.

8. Press Releases:

Write press releases about the activities of your organisation, new products, improvements in the features of your products and other significant things about your organisation. Publish the press releases online as well as in the local newspapers.

9. Sponsor events:

If you can afford, you should start or sponsor an event. This will make you known among the potential customers and attract their attention.

10. Hire professionals:

You can also hire professional services of marketing agencies for marketing if your business can afford to do so. Marketing experts can make a right marketing strategy for your business considering the age, size and reputation of your organisation. They are the experts and can offer you valuable marketing services.

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