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Leading Fibre Optic Cabling Manufacturer

Operating since 1994, JCS had reached a point in their growth journey where they needed to improve their professional presentation. JCS realised they needed a consistent approach to their branding and communications to help solidify their reputation. Without this, they knew their capacity to impress potential clients and further expand the business would be impacted. This is where Spark stepped in!

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Brand Strategy

The first step toward creating a professional package for JCS was to develop a brand strategy. At Spark, this is not a paint-by-numbers exercise. Before we begin creating any brand elements, we work with clients to understand their businesses and help them define their unique service and product offerings. While business owners, like John at JCS, intrinsically know their value to clients they may not have articulated it before. We can help clarify this purpose.

By working with the JCS team to understand their business and vision, we were able to create a new look with a rich colour palette, centred around a logo that draws on a fibre optic cabling motif. The result is a stylish and professional look that unifies JCS’s offerings.

jcs-logo-before jcs-logo-after

Slide to see BEFORE and AFTER

Communication Strategy

With a solid brand identity in place, the next step on our journey toward JCS’s professional look was to create a communications strategy, a road map for rolling out the new brand. This strategy formed the centre point of JCS’s messaging and guided the creation of the content for their marketing program.

Web Strategy

One of the key activities identified in the communications strategy was to redesign and relaunch the JCS website. As the digital home of the business it is vital that the website presents the company in an engaging and professional way. By applying the brand elements and consistent messaging across the site, it now better reflects the company’s offering.

Capability Statement

With the website redesign complete, we next turned to creating JCS’s capability statement. As a key sales tool, particularly for large tenders, the capability statement introduces clients to the company, outlines the team’s expertise and experience, describes the industries they service, and provides a snapshot of recent projects. It is a vital tool for demonstrating the company’s professionalism.

Product Brochures

Rounding out the suite of information and marketing tools, we also created product brochures that JCS business development staff can leave with prospective clients.


The last piece of the JCS branding package was to develop the signage for the new premises. Drawing on the design elements used across the JCS portfolio, the signage reinforces the brand identity and helps clients locate the storefront easily.

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