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Top Ten Must-Have Joomla Extensions

Joomla Website Design Sydney

If you have decided to have a Joomla website or run an existing website on Joomla, you may need to also install some extensions to be able to use more features that are not yet supported by native Joomla. A good example is the sitemap that is required for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). For lead generation, newsletter subscription is required. To understand the behavior of your traffic, you need to have Google Analytics, and the list goes on. Spark Interact is fully experienced in Joomla Website Design Sydney, and can advise you on getting the most out of your Joomla website. Here are some of the most useful Joomla extensions which you might want to incorporate in your Joomla website.

* CCnewsletter – this offers list management capabilities for your subscribers. The way to get it done is through a simple sign up of a newsletter. The display will know your CSS template yet a bit of tweak may be required if you are aiming for something close to perfect. Features of reporting are not yet available such as sending and testing your own emails, export and import subscribers’ list yet you will not be able to see the number of users who opened or clicked your email.

* Xmap – this can automatically create an element in the sitemap on your website. Each time you delete or add a page, there will be an automatic update.

* JComments – this extension is quite familiar with the Joomla users. This works looks great and works well for most Joomla blog site.

* SimpleCalendar – you may need this when you are looking to post a calendar of events on your site that can be used for trade shows, events or others. The two functions that need to be shown depending on the needs would be the link back to the author and back arrow displayed next to every listing.

* Gtranslate – this gives the user page translation available in 20+ languages. It works well even though it does not translate plugins and modules.

* JCE editor – this is a useful article editor. Other better editors may be offered for Joomla but this one can be used conveniently as it gives users the ability to add links and images. It can be through the use of a drop-down menu or by URL copying.

* MassContent – this is a must if you want to publish or post several articles at the same time or you have the option to publish once every day. Use this extension to publish a news release, blog or static article.

* JoomlaPack – this enables you to have a website backup online. Simply click on the backed-up file and save it right to your hard disk. Backed-up file restoration is not the same as an actual back-up but it offers the same benefit and can be handy when you are used to using it.

* BIGSHOT Google Analytics – this allows Joomla site tracking through website statistics offered by Google Analytics.

* Google Verify – this plugin offered to Joomla websites enable you to verify your site by using the Google webmaster central. The generated codes by Google can be pasted into this plug-in. After that, it gives you the website statistics exactly how Google sees it. This includes your pages, links, coding error and other things you may need.

Whether you are lacking the technical expertise or require to advise with your Joomla website, all you need is to contact Spark Interact! We specialize in all leading website platforms, including Joomla website design. Contact us today!

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