The Perfect-fit Logo for your Business.

A logo represents the face of your business and communicates to the outside world your business’ unique point of difference. A good logo design will establish a professional image and credibility with your potential buyer making you stand out amongst your competitors. As a small to medium sized business owner or manager, you know that every marketing tool has to count, especially those that set the first impression.

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We don’t just make logos that look great, we take a marketing perspective.

We consider not only your present situation but your business potential. We think about how your logo will grow with your business, will it still be relevant in the long run. Our logo designers think about how your logo will apply to your various needs now and in the future; will it work for print, web, signage, packaging or whatever your requirements may be. As a time-poor owner or business manager, we will be your navigator through the branding process, giving you a clear view of how to adopt the latest technology to present your new logo.

All under one roof!

Our creative graphic design and marketing expertise combines to give your business the edge it needs. With all our services under one roof, we ensure consistency of your brand in web or in print. We have systems and methodologies to deliver quality and accuracy with a brand your business will be proud to own.We give you the certainty of a fixed-fee price for your logo design, not an hourly rate. You can rest easy knowing that if you are not happy, we will give you your money back in full. With Spark, you know where you stand and this guarantee is your peace of mind.

Here’s how we go about designing a logo you’d be proud to own.

The logo design process begins with a client meeting to understand your business. This provides a perspective of where your business is at present and where it wants to be in the future. Many clients find this process to be a valuable forum to think about important strategic issues, bringing insights.

Once we have identified your business’s needs, we write up a Statement of Design Parameters which provides the basis for the creative process.

Using the design parameters, our logo designers go about producing a series of visuals. The visuals are reviewed and assessed internally by our marketing team and the final selection will be made for presentation.

Three design options will then be presented to you where we feature the logo, the colour selection and a rationale for each design.

Based on your feedback, revisions to the favoured logo choice will be made and the final recommendation is presented to you in its complete form.

What happens if I am not happy with the logo design options?

Our policy is clear and simple. If you are not happy with the 3 options you are presented with, we will listen to your feedback and design 3 new options. We will continue to rework our designs until you are completely happy with your new logo – at no additional cost to you.If you are still not satisfied, we will give you your money back in full.

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If you’re a start-up business looking to launch out professionally, or an existing business ready to replace an old look and emerge fresh and invigorated, then our logo design solution is just what you need.

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