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Logo Design

Bespoke logos that stand the test of time

A picture worth a thousand words

Illustration of a UFO emitting a beam of light that is lifting a laptop computer, symbolizing advanced web services, against a backdrop of stars and purple clouds.

High impact logo design for start-ups and fast-growing businesses

We consider not only your present situation, but your business potential. We think about how your logo will grow with your business and stay relevant. Our logo designers assess how your logo will fit your various needs now and in the future; will it work for print, web, signage, packaging or whatever your requirements may be. We will be your navigator through the branding process, giving you a clear view of how to adopt the latest technology to present your new logo.

Our creative graphic design and marketing expertise combines to give your business the edge it needs. With all our services under one roof, we ensure consistency of your brand in web or in print. We have systems and methodologies to deliver quality and accuracy with a brand your business will be proud to own. With Spark, you know where you stand and this guarantee is your peace of mind.

Our logo design program is available as an add-on to our core products if you are looking for a website design, brochure design, corporate profile design or a capability statement design then you can get the logo program as an valuable addition to your purchase

Neon-lit laptop keyboard with a glimpse of a screen displaying blue graphical data, set against a dark background.

Website Design

Our professionally designed websites are results-focussed and are fully customisable, allowing you the freedom to easily expand as your business grows.
brochure design

Brochure Design

Our marketing specialists and brochure designers have one goal – to present your company, product or catalogue as a professional, value-driven offering that stands tall over any other competitors in the market.

Integrate with your logo design with . . .

App Development

Need an App for your website and business workflow processes? We can integrate your website and App into your accounting and inventory systems.
A white computer mouse on a stylized graphic background with blue and green abstract shapes.

Custom Web Development

As each business is unique, we can develop custom websites that meet your specific needs with a content management system that will allow you to update your content easily.
A blue credit card partially visible, with embossed numbers and a world map design, overlapping geometric shapes in the background.

E-Commerce Web Design

Reach your customers and sell your services or products via your online store with a secure and scalable e-commerce system.
A close-up of a black digital drawing pen on a grey and green background.

Capability Statement

We have an in-house team with specialist skills in idea generation, strategy, marketing, content writing and visual design, all of which are essential elements to fast-track the successful completion of a Capability Statement.

Our logo design step-by-step process

Client meeting

The logo design process begins with a client meeting to understand your business. This provides a perspective of where your business is at present and where it wants to be in the future. Many clients find this process to be a valuable forum to think about important strategic issues, bringing insights.


Using the design parameters, our logo designers go about producing a series of visuals. The visuals are reviewed and assessed internally by our marketing team and the final selection will be made for presentation.


Three design options will then be presented to you where we feature the logo, the colour selection and a rationale for each design.

Revision & final recommendations

Based on your feedback, revisions to the favoured logo choice will be made and the final recommendation is presented to you in its complete form.

Case Studies

Check out our case studies below. Click on a panel to find out more.

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“It was clear from the beginning that they were a good match for us”.

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“The way they simplified everything for us was absolutely fantastic”.

Logo Design FAQs

The most important thing is that the designer understands and listens to you as a person, and shows empathy for your involvement in the process. Don’t feel pressured into making decisions. There are plenty of choices when it comes to logo design services. Knowing what you like can help, just like with clothing, some pieces in your wardrobe have become favourites and now expresses your identity. Allow yourself to be guided by the designer, they know how to transform ideas into visual concepts and can provide invaluable guidance. Check the designers’ reviews and samples of previous work before you make the final decision.
An eye-catching logo can be simply typography or it can be a complex illustrated symbol. It is hard to put your finger on it but you know it when you see it. This is where a good team of designers brings together a concept and makes it a reality. Make sure your design team has more than one person who will be working on your logo as it will help add more depth to the idea generation process and lead to better design outcome.
There are plenty of choices when it comes to logo design services and finding the most suitable branding agency in Sydney to partner with can be tricky. It all comes down to personal connection and credentials. First of all make sure you are comfortable with the designer and feel like you are being understood. Some companies may be economical in price but very sales focussed and you will feel the pressure from the sales team to make quick decisions at every step. Be sure to check the reviews of the company and their portfolio. Once you are comfortable and understand their process and terms then allow the final decision to be guided by your inner voice.

Most importantly you will need to consider your audience and make the logo relevant to them.
Colour, typography and graphics form a considerable part of the design style so it is important that the designers address these during the development process and make sure it works well on the items you need now as well as into the future such as stationery, shirts, vehicles, signage and promotional products to name a few.

The whole concept of developing a logo is about creativity. You have the opportunity to express your identity and bring it to reality while being engaging and imaginative. One option is the ability to animate your logo so that there is a touch of movement that catches the users attention.

As your logo will form part of the foundation of your brand, the logo design process is important. It should always start with a meeting to communicate a clear understanding of your business and your outcomes. The designers should be able to see your vision and interpret this into a visual form and provide concepts for you to choose from. They should be able to develop your choice into the final logo version that will eventually form the essence of your brand. While the outcome is important, the process should be enjoyable for you. A good design firm will make the experience easy and the final result something you will be proud to own.