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Marketing Collateral Design

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From signage and packaging to point of sale, the way you present your brand makes a statement. How the various items come together, creating an impression of cohesiveness and consistency, is what will make your brand a real standout. Strong, consistent graphic design supports your sales and marketing efforts. Let your products and services do the talking through their visual appeal. Establish an impression with advertising and great marketing collateral design that conveys the qualities of what you stand for and what makes your offering unique.

We have the experience to translate a great design across many different types of communications channels

Exhibition Display Design

This is where impact really counts. To gain maximum return on your investment, your exhibition display needs to stand out in the sea of competing stands. The mark of a good exhibition display is one that attracts, engages, entertains and informs visitors. If this can be achieved, you can make new connections, increase your conversions and have a steady supply of new business leads. Now isn’t that what you had signed up for!

Signage Design

Your signage plays an important role in presenting your brand to the world. At Spark, when we design for signage, we consider all the factors that contribute to an effective sign. Our designs provide high impact visual appeal taking into account an understanding of where the signage will be seen, the surrounding environment and who the target audience is. When all these considerations come together, our approach to sign display will make your sign the drawcard to your business.

Infographics + Illustrations

If you have a product, service or process that is challenging to explain, consider the power of visual communication. Illustrations are a powerful way of showcasing specific unique content. It allows you to zone in on a key feature, highlight all aspects and translate these into benefits that your audience will value. Infographics combine text with visual elements to convey large ideas within small spaces. They are just the trick for explaining processes and methods. If your way of doing something is complex but is a key selling point, then an infographic is the way to present it in an engaging and concise way.

Ad Design

When you place an ad in a magazine, newspaper or online, a crucial part of delivering return on investment is your ad design. Ad placement can be a costly exercise, but if executed well can be an effective form of advertising with a wide and targeted audience reach. Ads are also a powerful way to position your brand within your competitive landscape. At Spark, we design ads for magazines and newspapers to influence consumers, business customers and prospects.

Display Ads

We design ads for digital media, such as banner ads and social media ads, that target specific audiences. The beauty of display advertising is the ability to segment and target audiences based on demographics and geographic location as well as business category and job titles. With this amount of fine level targeting it is important that your display ads resonate with each segment group. When we design display ads we draw upon our digital marketing expertise to produce display ads that hit the mark with a defined target audience.

Packaging Design

When faced with an array of choice, consumers either choose a trusted brand name or they take a chance to try something new. When your product is the new kid on the block, the outer packaging is going to be the make-or-break factor. At Spark, we understand what makes great packaging design that has appeal and can cut through the crowd of competing brands.

Point of Sale Design

Attract consumers’ attention at the most critical moment when they are ready to buy. Effective visual merchandising design sways consumers to make additional purchases and leads to increased sales. Our graphic design team understands the elements of good point of sale (POS) design. We consider ways to get the greatest “pop” out of your POS from eye-catching standees, wobblers and shippers to decals and floor art. We can also provide innovative ways for you to see mock-ups and samples prior to production.
At Spark, our professional marketing collateral design services cover everything from print to digital. The graphic designers working on your design projects apply their problem solving skills to ensure that visual communication and practical outcomes are always in balance. Our designers create from the standpoint of user experience design as their central focus. With effective collateral design, you don’t have to work as hard to communicate why your product or service stands tall amongst your competition. Find out how we can turn your collateral items into ambassadors of your brand.

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Marketing Collateral FAQs

Marketing collateral is a broad term for the media that your company produces. It is more than just targeted advertisements, encompassing all content that you are pushing out to your audience. For business marketing collateral, this is often content that has implicit brand value rather than content that directly sells your products. This can include articles, reports, and infographics; marketing materials that educate prospective customers on specific topics. Their purpose is to demonstrate your expertise in the areas that matter most to buyers, imbuing your brand with a technical authority. Your marketing collateral is tied together through the thread of your service promise to your customers.

There is an extensive amount of differing marketing collateral that can be tied to your business. Generally speaking, anything that your branding touches becomes an advertising asset, regardless of whether it’s in a physical or digital format.

You can find plenty of marketing collateral lists online, and plenty of opinions on which are the most important. But, when considering what materials your business needs, there are four main types of marketing collateral to keep in mind. These are grouped by the intent of their message and they highlight different aspects of your company:

  1. Knowledge documents – technical articles that demonstrate your industry expertise.
  2. Core value evidence – coverage of your company supporting the issues that align to their values.
  3. Statements on quality – testimonials, reviews, and case studies that detail the quality of the customer journey.
  4. Brand associations – material that increases brand awareness by simply projecting your presence within a market. 

Marketing collateral is eclectic, spanning every platform and medium you can imagine. Trying to combine pieces of marketing collateral by format can lead to advertising campaigns overlooking some angles of market approach. It is much more useful in the long run to group your marketing collateral by its purpose, i.e. at what point in the sales journey do you want your customer to see it. As a guide, most marketing collateral has one of the following objectives:

  • To raise awareness of your service, explaining to potential customers that they have a problem that can be solved.
  • To show the customer how you can help them, demonstrating value and past successes.
  • To drive the customer to act, being a call to action at the point of purchase.
  • To retain customers by keeping them informed of the continuous benefit of your service.


Every piece of company content that influences your online brand presence is part of your digital marketing collateral. At times, the online environment’s focus on shareable media can make managing this collateral seem outside of your control. However, anything that comes about as a by-product of your company’s general operation or advertising strategy is an asset you can use.

It’s important to keep track of tangible digital assets, even if you’re not the one hosting them. Some examples of digital marketing collateral include:

  • Blog posts, eBooks, and white papers
  • Testimonials, reviews, and case studies
  • Video tutorials and explainer videos
  • Websites and landing pages

Before you can start creating marketing collateral, you need to scope out your advertising and branding strategy to identify what material is needed as a priority. This will often involve both physical assets, such as signage, brochures, and POS displays, as well as digital assets, such as promotional landing pages, articles, and websites.

Given the range of multimedia platforms at your disposal, it can be an overwhelming task to plan this out. This is where a Digital Marketing Agency like Spark can help. Drawing from our experience in rolling out marketing campaigns, we can develop a fully personalised project scope for your business. Then, our team of in-house designers can create unique marketing collateral to push out online and offline. Contact us today to see how we can help on your next marketing campaign.

The short answer: Yes.

It can be surprising how many different industries accrue business marketing collateral in the course of their general operation. Anything that can be branded, inevitably will be. So it’s best to proactively take charge of your collateral and control the message your brand sends. Some types of collateral that are often overlooked include:

  • Real estate marketing collateral (business cards, property signage)
  • Hotel marketing collateral (thank you cards, branded supplies)
  • B2B marketing collateral (high-level knowledge documents)
  • Restaurant marketing collateral (menus, packaging, and dining ware)
  • Clinical marketing collateral (patient forms, stationery, signage)
  • Marketing collateral for events (banners, bags, and all manner of trinkets)