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When it comes to health services, communication is key. To streamline communication and access treatments, the HCRN selected Spark to develop a mobile app to get clinical trial information to the fingertips of clinicians and patients.

Since the launch of the first app in 2013, there has been a 300% increase in cross-referrals growing from a rate of 1-3/ month to ~15+ per month. The overwhelming consumer acceptance is mostly credited to the simplicity and usability of the app, allowing the user to easily navigate through the existing clinical trials. We have since developed 19 apps under the ClinTrial name – and more in the pipeline – being used for a range of various disciplines both nationally and internationally. The ultimate reward though is knowing more patients are now able to access clinical trials and have access to life-saving research treatments. Now that’s what we call a success!

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Increase in cross referrals


NSW premier’s award for outstanding cancer research

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