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Product Development

Maximise the value of your product or service

Do you have an existing product? Or do you have an idea that satisfies a gap in the market? At Spark our product development process will provide the framework you need to define your product clearly, identify the target audience and enhance value in order to create a profitable “best seller”.

Product Development benefits businesses with any of the following challenges:

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Product Development Strategy

More ways to enhance your product concept


Information, data and statistics are effectively communicated through visuals. If you have a subject that is difficult for users to engage with, then consider presenting the ideas into an eye-catching infographic.

Explainer Videos

When audio and visuals combine with motion, it leaves the viewer with a lasting and memorable impression. Explainer videos are a highly effective way to tell a story or convey a message while keeping viewers engaged and entertained.

Sales Tools

Brochures, powerpoint presentations, pitch decks, email marketing automation, you name it we can make it happen for your business. Get your sales team working more effectively and efficiently. Access a higher level of business than thought possible.

Concept Illustrations

Conveying a concept or process is easier to do when it comes in a visual form. Concept illustrations are a way to translate a complex message into a simple and effective delivery. Plus they are versatile additions to your website, brochures and social media.

Let Spark help you from product development concept to roll-out

To turn your business into a brand your customers admire and trust,

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“Spark helps me bring to reality the things that I dream about”.

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“They’ve created a very personal service in their business”.