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Eastern Built Premium Upkeep

Spark was asked to create a modern, but sleek brochure and website for their new service. Keeping in mind their minimalist goal, these materials would service as a central hub for potential customers to view their service.

Spark built a sleek and modern website that matched their initial requests. We worked on using their professional photography at the forefront of their website, to help accentuate the quality of their service.

The brochure was created to run a mail drop campaign where Eastern Built could advertise the service to selected suburbs. Already having the background of the service from the website, Spark set out to build a brochure that would catch the attention of potential customers. Keeping the classic simplistic branding, we focused on using the photography provided to entice the reader. Dedicating large spaces to fill with the luxurious home projects.

Eastern Built were extremely impressed with our ability to adhere to their design requests and maintain their original branding. We worked closely with them to ensure they were satisfied with every step of the design process, both for the brochure and website. Together we're able to craft lasting marketing material that will assist with the promotion of their new service.

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