Logo Design Your company’s logo design is the cornerstone of your brand’s visual identity – the thing that unites your presence online, in print, on your signages, in your packaging and in your store. At Spark, we’ll develop a logo design that will answer your needs now and anticipate your growth in the future. Read […]


Brand StrategyBrand DevelopmentBrand RefreshBrand Naming Inspire your customers and watch the sales and brand loyalty follow. Which begs a question or two: What’s the best way for customers to feel about your brand? How can you move there fastest? For the answers, and a roadmap that builds your brand into one your customers love and […]


Google, Facebook & Linkedin Ads The digital space is a crowded and hyper-competitive place. While your business website is the heart of your online presence, digital advertising ensures you get your product in front of your customer and motivates them to take action. Learn more Search Engine Optimisation Your customers are constantly looking for goods […]

Web Services

Web Design Your business website is the heart of your digital presence. With Spark, you will benefit from smart and innovative design combined with a wealth of expertise across various platforms. You want a website that not only looks impressive, but more importantly, drives your desired results. Good web design is strongly associated with consumer […]