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Spam Free Email – Fact or Fallacy?

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If your inbox is filled with spam you’re probably wasting your precious time deleting a list of spam every time you open your e-mail program. It’s frustrating, but you are not alone. Spam e-mails are on the increase and strategies to block them have had negative effects in the way of also blocking important messages from coming through. There is a way however to get to spam free e-mail.

I started using Google Apps about four years ago and now our business is pretty much run on Google Apps. Part of the Google Apps suite is its email program, Gmail. Perhaps the most noticeable thing about this e-mail application is its ability to filter spam and while it is not 100% accurate, it is an excellent filter.

Google Apps costs $50 per user year per and comes with an impressive range of applications plus hooks up to a marketplace where third party vendor applications can be seamlessly integrated within your operating system. You can set up for one user or multiple users.

The most outstanding difference we experienced was a significant reduction in spam e-mails in our inbox by about 95%. I would rate it even higher but you get the occasional one that comes through so I don’t want to overdo the praise. Google Apps email is perhaps the largest e-mail provider in the world and has the capacity to quickly identify spam and block it immediately.

Google Apps e-mail is very flexible and can accommodate any existing work practices you have. If you’re used to working with Outlook, Google apps has an Outlook sync tool that runs in the background synchronising your e-mail in real-time.

Or if you prefer you can also set up Gmail as a pop account or imap with Outlook as your favourite desktop program. This will allow you to take full advantage of the powerful spam filter and not have to change the way you work with your current e-mail program.

Mobility is one of the great advantages of Google Apps. You can use your tablet, iPhone, iPod or Android device to check your e-mails and appointments.

The Google Apps marketplace offers thousands of business applications that can be seamlessly integrated within your app environment giving your staff access 24 / 7 / 365 from anywhere in the world. It provides the foundation for businesses to grow on and its scalability and price make it a very attractive option.

Google Apps is, I believe, a great choice for business. It’s fully scalable from a single user to 1000 users and its spam filter is perhaps only one small benefit, but packs a lot of punch.

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