Brand Strategy

Deliver your brand’s visual and communication message with precision The most successful brands are not memorable by accident. They have a clearly defined brand strategy, which includes distinctive assets, a powerful story behind them and a deep connection with their customers. To get to this point, many business owners struggle finding and choosing the right […]

Product Development

Product Development benefits businesses with any of the following challenges: I have complex business ideas My product concept is excellent but not selling well I need a device or tool to systemise a process I want to sell on value and not on price I want to target a new market I want to increase […]

Email Marketing

Build Long-Term EDM Marketing and Email Automation Building long-term relationships with your existing clients and new leads with EDM Marketing makes good business sense and is an effective way of growing your business. It is also one of the most economical methods of marketing. Email List Management A good email list is the core of […]

Website Maintenance

Convenient and flexible website maintenance services for businesses on the go! Our mission is to provide businesses with end to end marketing, technology and design solutions. To stay ahead of the competition you need to partner with a website maintenance company that can proactively advise and deliver ongoing support while you take care of business. […]

eCommerce Websites

We know your eCommerce website is a store that never closes and never sleeps It needs to drive traffic 24/7, provide the right information in a natural flow and seamlessly lead customers to checkout. Not forgetting a beautiful design. Each eCommerce business is different, so our approach has always been the antidote to “one-size-fits-all”. We […]

Web Development

Make your web development project a reality You have the vision, you have the enthusiasm and now it’s time to make it a reality. Launching a website development project, integrating multiple web applications through APIs or building a more customised and efficient workflow doesn’t need to be daunting. All your questions: How much do I […]

App Development

Mobile apps that work for your business If your customers engage with you on a regular basis to retrieve news, view catalogue information, purchase items or submit regular, recurring orders, then it is time to make your customers’ experience an enjoyable one. A mobile app can create customised user experiences that will thrill your customers […]

Search Engine Optimisation

Keyword Targeting and Content Our search engine optimisation analysts target relevant keywords and develop metadata to drive quality traffic to your website. We focus on developing content on the pages – including video and blogs – and making sure that users are engaged and converting. Keyword Selection and Content From the selection of keywords to […]

Marketing Direction

Let Spark help you reach your chosen destination Planning for the next stage for your business is an exciting prospect. As a business owner bursting with ideas, goals and targets, this time can also be overwhelming. Focus can be the difference between getting there or getting lost in your marketing efforts. Here’s how Spark can […]

Digital Marketing

The right digital marketing platform and partner for your business The digital marketing space has grown over the last few years and as a business owner or manager it can be difficult navigating this maze. A partnership with Spark can quickly clear the haze and deploy campaigns on the most appropriate platforms for your business […]