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App Development

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App development for the ultimate customer experience

Mobile apps that work for your business

If your customers engage with you on a regular basis to retrieve news, view catalogue information, purchase items or submit regular, recurring orders, then it is time to make your customers’ experience an enjoyable one. A mobile app can create customised user experiences that will thrill your customers and have them coming back time and time again.

Innovation & Strategy

Our team of Marketing Strategist, Business Analyst and App Developers will provide a comprehensive overview and ideas to take your concept to the next level.

UX and UI Design

Good design and great user experience is a focus of every app development project. Our marketing strategist, Business Analyst and UI Designers work collaboratively to ensure every user action delivers a brilliant experience.

Android, iOS or Hybrid Apps

Our App development process can deliver your iOS, Android, and/or hybrid App project. Building Apps in native or progressive is a question of functionality, reach and update frequency. We’ll take all of this into consideration and recommend the most appropriate methodology for your project.


We can deliver your app development project in small sprints for optimum return on investment. We also partner with Enterprise Cloud partners like Google, Amazon and Microsoft providing you with the power to scale on demand.
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Now with more than 56% of internet traffic being mobile, it is important to engage your customers with a convenient, easy and enjoyable mobile experience … and a mobile app development provides the best platform to achieve this result.

At Spark, our app developers will deliver solutions that seamlessly integrate with your existing accounting, inventory or other business workflow applications. We yield efficient and productive applications that resolve your business challenges.

Your mobile app needs to be current and relevant in a changing environment. Once your app goes live we are there to support you through the ongoing changes in devices technology operating systems and their underlying platforms.

At Spark we follow technology at the horizon and bring you the benefits today. We have the technology stack & infrastructure to support the needs of your app now and in the future.

Successful Apps Developed by Spark

Sunshine Linen Services

The Sunshine Linen app has become the benchmark for service delivery of laundry and linen hire to the hospitality, medical and defence sectors. Developed for iOS, Android and desktop browsers it is the backbone of the workflow management at Sunshine and for their customers a convenient and easy way to place orders.

One Ten Enterprises

One Ten is a Global leader in fashion recycling. They deliver B2B collection services Australia-wide with a Spark-developed mobile App for iOS and Android. Orders are collected and centrally processed before being packed in containers for shipping around the world.

City Fine Foods

City Fine Food’s Android and iOS mobile app allows their customers to order at their convenience. The app has saved them many hours of phone time and manual order processing and has increased order accuracy delivering significant ROI.

Pure Gelato App

Pure Gelato’s app provides a streamlined ordering process for their gelato cakes and gelato products. Fast, easy and convenient!

In our fast moving environment, staying ahead of the competition is key.
At Spark, we take a proactive and strategic approach to deliver practical business solutions.

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App Development FAQs


Mobile is here to stay and improving user experience on the mobile is critical for engagement and conversion. It is important that you look for a mobile app development company that has a good track record and have android developers and iPhone developers in house. They should also be able to support custom application development on a cloud based servers to support your mobile app.

If you’ve thought about app building but don’t have the coding skills then an app maker could help make this a possible. There are many tools available on the market offering a variety of features. Some examples are Appery, Mobile Roadie and Good Barber. Depending on your desired outcome one of these applications can get you started quickly. They offer drag and drop environments so with minimal coding skills you can design and deploy an app.

Developing an mobile app to launch into the Apple Itunes store is a relatively simple process. Using your Apple ID you need to create an apple developer account and pay the annual fee of US$99/year. Once the account is created you can invite a developer to join the account providing the appropriate access rights. The developer can upload the app to the Itunes store and once approved the app will be available to the public.

You will need a Google account to get started. Using your Google account create a Google Play developer account. Unlike Apple, Google requires a one off payment of a US$25. The process is very similar to iOS development process – you invite a developer and then upload the app to the store and usually approved within a few hours.

The best place to start is to contact an experienced company that develops apps.There are many steps involved in getting an app to the store and an experienced mobile app developer will know these steps and can fast track this process for you. But if you feel you want to do these yourself then you can follow the steps on the Itunes Developer Portal or the Google Play Developer Console.

A quick Google search will give you a list of local app developers that will be able to assist. Make sure you check out their mobile app development experience and their portfolio. You can also find an app development companies on portals like Upwork and Freelancer and can be cost effective and you will need the expertise to manage these project which can be time consuming.
If you lack coding skills but have an idea and limited budget. There many platforms that provide an easy drag and drop environment that will help you develop a mobile app. Appery, Mobile Roadie and Good Barber are amongst the popular platforms
A clear plan of what you want to achieve is perhaps the most important element of the process. At Spark we work with our clients to clarify what the outcome before we commence on any projects. We also recommend that the project be broken down into smaller deliverables so that when each stage is complete there is a module that is live and working for you in your business. This allows you to see how the application is working in your environment and make the necessary changes for the next stage.
With over 30 apps and a depth of experience Spark Interact are by far the leading app development company in Sydney. They specialise in developing mobile apps for businesses and their app developers can deliver custom application development that will help integrate your workflow processes for greater efficiency.
A ballpark starting price for app development is around $5000 and depending on the complexity of and the degree of integration required can be upwards of $50,000. We recommend that when developing a app for your business process you break them down to stages so that at the end of each stage you have a component that is up and running and delivering an ROI to your business.