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Advertising Technology Terms

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Ad Blocker

An ad blocker is software that users can download to remove advertising from their online experience across both desktop and mobile devices. These programs filter out pop-ups, banner ads and other common forms of online advertisements, allowing a user to surf the Web without being exposed to brand messages…

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sparkAdvertising Technology Terms

Marketing Technology Terms

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Analytics (Web & Mobile)

Analytics in the context of MarTech refers to the data captured from a brand’s owned and operated properties. Analytics tools enable brands to understand how their digital destinations are performing and the way audiences are engaging with them. Web analytics provides information such as the total number of visitors to a web page…

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sparkMarketing Technology Terms

Combined Advertising Tech & Marketing Tech Terms

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1st Party Data

1st Party Data is information collected from a business (and its activities), for that business, by that business. This commonly refers to details about audiences or customers, but also covers performance of marketing strategies and advertising campaigns. Some common sources include CRM, website, mobile app, customer feedback, e-commerce platform etc….

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sparkCombined Advertising Tech & Marketing Tech Terms