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Digital Marketing Strategy Implementation & Practice

by Mackey Kandarajah on

In terms of digital marketing, many businesses owners say, “I already have a website,” and the conversation ends there. Yes, a website serves as the primary digital touchpoint of a business. But in this crowded, fast-paced digital space, a website needs to cut through the noise to be able to grab the attention of customers. That’s where digital marketing comes in.

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Embrace Responsive Web Design – The New Era of Web Designing

by spark on

Responsive Web Designing is the evolution in web designing which is basically changing and adapting the appearance of your website to make it fit for all kinds of dimensions and optimal viewing. Such websites can work on all screen sizes, from desktop computers to laptops, tablets to smartphones; your website will fit them all. Responsive Web Designing is also known as “RWD”,”Adaptive Web Design” or “Fluid Web Design”.

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