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Anatomy of an (Ideal) eCommerce Site

by Aimee Bulaong on

Anatomy of an eCommerce Site

We’ve been a little bit busy at HQ this past couple of months working on loads of designs, marketing roll-outs and developments for eCommerce websites.

Whether it’s due to the growing confidence of customers, or due to people becoming more time poor (or both), it’s obvious that more and more of us are shopping online.  By consequence, more small business owners and retailers want to get their products out there to grab a share of this increasing online spending.

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8 Digital Life Hacks For Small Biz Owners

by Aimee Bulaong on

As a small business working with other small businesses, we know all too well the day-to-day scenario of a business owner. Often you have to play the role of sales manager, copywriter, accountant, and some days, even cleaner. Small business owners often get stretched out with the multitude of daily tasks that other equally important aspects of their lives take the backseat.

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Pakka Launches New Site!

by Mackey Kandarajah on


At 19:00 Wednesday 7th March, 2012, Pakka’s new site goes live! This marks our 5th site release with our very first website being launched in 1999. The aim of this new site is to display our full range of services and products in a concise and informative way. It is also a platform to communicate new product innovations as they become available.

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