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6 Steps to Finding the Right Sydney Web Design Company

by spark on

Finding the best web design company for you and your business will always be a challenge.

If you are having trouble in finding the right web designer, you should start with research and seek help. With the sheer amount of web design companies in Sydney, it will take time to filter through various web designers to find the best one for you.


1. Review their existing clients

Typically, web design companies showcase their portfolio and work on their website. As a visual representation of what they have and can accomplish in web design, viewing their designs is a proven approach to help you determine their success with past/existing clients and their ability to complete your web design. We encourage you to speak to them face-to-face to discuss their work and past client projects.

A good web design doesn’t only look good, it must also function extremely well. Have you ever visited a website which looked outdated or loaded slowly? Perhaps it was difficult to find the information you were looking for.

The best web design company will understand all the intricate details which shape an effective web design. Check if their client’s website is both functional and appealing, you should feel as if you want the website as your own. Great web designs are crucial for the growth of your business.


2. Analyse their web design process

A great web design is created by a thorough process which has been developed after years of testing. Our 7-step web design process:

  1.     Gathering information about our client and creating a website plan
  2.     Designing layout and wireframes of the web design
  3.     Designing the pages and editing after client reviews
  4.     Content writing
  5.     Development and coding of the website
  6.     Testing website functions and launching!
  7.     Post-website maintenance

The initial strategy and planning phase ensure your web design is precisely what you envisioned. Your web design company should meet with you to gain a strong understanding about your business, industry and customers. For example, if you are a Sydney based business looking for a Sydney web design, it would be advantageous to meet with a Sydney web designer for streamlined communication.

After this initial phase, your web designers will use this information to create a web design with the purpose of helping your business grow online.


3. Help you reach your business objectives

The best web design company should excel at solving problems, as the website that they create should aim to help you reach your business objectives. Maybe you want to gain targeted website visitors from a certain city, like Sydney or all over Australia.

Your business objective could range from increasing brand awareness, online leads or purchases. Your website will function as the heart of your marketing, and it may have multiple goals. Look for a Sydney web design company that is onboard in helping you reach your business goals.


4. Full-service design company

The complex nature of web design demands various skill sets, from coding to graphic design to content writing. If you select a freelance web designer, they might only know web design. So, they could produce a good website, but it might not align with your brand, have content which tells your company’s story in a compelling manner and persuades your potential customers to make an action on your website; enquire or make a purchase.

Additionally, your website will need a strategy to rank in search engines like Google, for your business to appear in relevant searches made by your prospecting customers. A full-service web design company will assist you every step of the way during your web design and even after development. A marketing plan for after your web design is complete is the best way to maximise your investment and long-term growth for your business.


5. Hire a local Sydney web design company

Sydney web design companies will have many advantages from working in your local area. Not only do they have a better understanding of your target market, but they will have experience with other local companies who are in your industry.

This also offers an ease of communication allowing you to build a better business relationship with peace of mind knowing your Sydney web design company is just around the corner. 


6. Consult with them

To finish off your research in selecting the right Sydney web design company, reach out to our team at Spark Interact for further assistance. We are a full-service web design company in Sydney and we help businesses grow online through developing high-quality websites, apps and marketing ideas for our clients to thrive. We are always happy to chat and answer any questions you may have, please contact us here.

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The Complete Web Design Review Checklist

by spark on

You may be reevaluating your current web design or looking for a new Sydney web design.

The web design process is a complicated one, it amasses content writing, branding, photography, graphic design, usability and more. A web design checklist can make this process easier for you and your web designer.

A web design is much more than a creative process, but a business device used to achieve your business objectives. Therefore, your web design must attract, engage and encourage your visitors to take an intended action. This checklist will breakdown each component revealing the best review process so you can feel more confident that your feedback to your web designer will be flawlessly executed, just like you envisioned.

Start with avoiding vague feedback such as ‘add some flare’ or ‘make it pop’, it’s ideal to be specific and direct, as unclear feedback will delay the design process with your web design company which is time inefficient. Regardless of if your direct and honest feedback might be negative, web designers understand the client’s needs is the highest priority and will not take any feedback personally. This will also prevent reediting to get the result you wanted initially.



Does the web design accurately express your brand and message? Preferably, this problem would have been resolved in the initial design phase before web development, but occasionally, images and other small parts may misalign with your company’s brand. When you’re reviewing the web design pay attention to every little detail, including spacing to ensure it’s the same as your initial vision. For instance, text breaking or a picture being misplaced.

Appearance Checklist:

  1. The layout across all pages are consistent
  2. The spacing between texts and images are even
  3. The text fonts are the same across different browsers



Your web design functionality is very important. Are all the buttons functioning well? We conduct detailed testing of all buttons and menus before publishing the website.

Functionality Checklist:

  • Videos are playing
  • The web design loads fast – some web designs may be the exception, as many videos & photo heavy websites during the development phase, but when the site is published the speed grew much faster.
  • Ensure emails come through the contact form
  • Buttons can click through to its intended link


Mobile Responsive

Our web design work is always consistently optimised for mobile, although it’s always good to do a personal check with your own mobile device. Here at Spark Interact, we have an entire spectrum of devices to test our clients web design on before the website goes live. Such as Mac & Windows PC, Android and IOS smartphones and tablets.

Usability Checklist:

  • The menu works correctly – links can be opened to the right menu
  • All the buttons function properly
  • Emails send through via all forms

Content Review

Thoroughly review the web design content, particularly if your web design company wrote the content for you. Confirm if industry-unique terms such as abbreviations and unique information about your products or services are defined & spelled correctly. When reviewing the content check:

  • Spelling
  • Abbreviations
  • Grammar
  • The flow of content works. Would a person who hasn’t heard of your industry be able to understand your content?


Engage the Team

Engaging your team in the review process can allow you and your web designer to gain more insightful feedback. It is also crucial for the CEO to be involved to prevent disapproval in the final stages of the web design, if this happens, your web designer will have to start from the beginning, and this wastes time for everyone involved.

Team Checklist:

  • Create a meeting with the team members whose feedback could help
  • Allow your team to do a review of the web design and voice their concerns in meeting
  • During the meeting:
    • Review each page
    • When there is contradictory feedback, determine together what decision to make
    • Collect all feedback to be merged into one document for your web designers to implement


The web design process is undoubtedly a large task; however, we hope this definitive checklist will make the process run more smoothly. Although, due to the large scope of launching a website, it may be worthwhile to engage a local web design agency for effective communication. If you’re looking for a professional Sydney web design, feel free to get in touch with us here.

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Tips to Choose a Website Designer

by Mackey Kandarajah on

2e1ax_simplistic_entry_bigstock-One-person-says-Pick-Me-and-st-21804923How to Choose a Website Designer

Choosing a good website designer is not always an easy job. If you post an advertisement requesting quotes for website designing, you will be faced with a flood of interest from website designers. It can be difficult to choose a suitable website designer from a large number of applicants.

Here are some of the tips that will help you to choose an appropriate website designer.

Evaluate experience:

Consider the experience of the applicant. How long has the applicant has been in the field of website designing and how many websites have been developed by him/her? An experienced designer is preferable to a novice website designer as they know very well how to design a good website.


See whether they follow the instructions:

Notice whether the potential candidate has followed your instruction while putting forward the quote. Some website designers put forward the same form quotation to all potential clients without paying attention to individual needs. Such candidates should be rejected straight away. It’s a waste of time to deal with candidates who cannot (or will not) follow your instructions.

Look at portfolios:

Have a glance at the portfolio of websites designed by the potential candidates. This will give you some idea of the skills of the designer. Regardless of whether you are designing a website yourself or hiring a pro, this will also give you an understanding of good website design. You can shortlist the candidates whose portfolio is similar to the type of website design you want for yourself. Select some candidates who have the best portfolios.

Get references:

Gather references of selected candidates from the previous clients as it is sometimes not possible to have an idea what they have done by looking at their portfolio. Previous clients can provide important information. They can tell you:

  • Whether the deadlines were met?
  • Whether all instructions were followed?
  • Whether suggestions were welcomed?
  • Whether the concept was provided by the designer or was it the client’s concept?

Is the designer approachable and professional?

Check out whether the web designer used a generic quote or did they contact you for further information? Do they use jargon or talk to you in clear understandable way? Was their tone professional? Consider these factors before choosing any candidate.

Read the terms and conditions:

Before proceeding to finalising the website designer, you should carefully read the terms and conditions of the potential candidate. Following are some of the important questions that you should keep in your mind:

  • Will there be any hidden costs?
  • Does the design fee include updates and maintenance?
  • Will a copy of source files be provided to you?
  • Who will be the owner of the source code?
  • Will the files have a back-up?

After your thorough research, short list the top three candidates for yourself. Talk to them and gain some useful insights. Make your final decision and choose one of the most suitable candidates from this top three.

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