Top 10 Principles of Effective Web Design

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The importance of maintaining an interactive website with an appealing web design has often been understated. A well-executed website with robust usability and operating structure performs better on search engines. Performance is what envelopes engagement.  Engagement demonstrates the effectiveness of the website.

The following are the top 10 principles required to develop an effective web design:

1.   Purpose

Even an appealing website becomes ineffective if it does not have a clear vision or purpose in sight. Your web designer should make that purpose clear through your web design outlook. This will ensure that your users and visitors have a clear vision in mind when they visit your website. Purpose is what builds an ideal brand-client relationship.

2.   Communication

People prefer easy accessibility. They want information that is readily available which is why it is important to create a web platform that facilitates your users. Your web service can enhance that communication. Try including headlines and subheadlines, bullet points, writing briefs, and catchy phrases instead of longer sentences.

3.   Images

A picture is worth a thousand words. Selecting the right type of images will allow your website to attract your target audience and position your brand strongly. It is best to add infographics, graphs, and videos to ensure better engagement.

4.   Colors

Colors can create adequate balance and harmony. Contrasting colors that fit the background and text will grab attention and catch the interest of the user. It will take a proficient designer to ensure that the colors are just right without being too extreme.

5.   Navigation

The structure of a website depends upon its navigation. If a user does not understand the mechanism of your website, they won’t be hesitant to leave. To enhance your navigation system your designer will have to set up a mechanism that reveals the information users are looking for with easier access.

6.   “F” Pattern Design

Studies have shown that people scan “F” pattern computer screens more often. They prefer to see the top and left of the screen rather than the right side. This is why most web designers will design your website that is natural to the viewer’s visual behavior.

7.   Quality Content

The content of your website is what will drive your marketing efforts. You need to formulate and implement informative and engaging content that will elaborate your goals and create interest amongst your users.

8.   Mobile Friendly

Usage of mobile and cellphones to access websites has become standardised and mainstream. Which is why it is necessary that you keep up with the changing preferences and create a mobile friendly website.

9.   Readability

The written text in your website serves as a vital component in terms of business information. Apart from the meta-data, keywords, and SEO Characters, your website needs to be easy to read for your users otherwise they will lose interest.

10.  User Experience (UI)

Users despise having to wait more than a minute for a web page to load. They prefer that it takes a few seconds instead. You need to ensure that each component of website is properly integrated. Through cautious integration you will be able to create an exceptional user experience.

Enjoy Your Website

Consider the aforementioned principles before deciding on your web design. It is important to remember that not every designer or design company offers top quality web development. Therefore, get in touch with Spark Interact, so you get an amazing website with a responsive web design.

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