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Top 10 Things to Consider for Your Mobile Web Design Strategy

Mobile Web Design Strategy

Before the mobile phones were internet enabled, people used to access the web from computers. The web designers used to consider only desktop computers when designing their websites. But now the web designers have turned their attention to mobile phones. Mobile web design is what almost all of them are now focusing on. All mobile phone manufacturers in the world today have mobile models that can access the web. For the web designers to be competent in what they do, they have to come up with strategies for efficient and robust mobile website design. Here are top ten considerations that you should take into account while designing the mobile website.

You ought to consider the objectives of the business

When a client hires a web designer, he/she expects nothing but quality work. When it comes to web designing, you should ensure that you deliver what your client expects. For instance, if you are designing a site that is advertising vehicles, you should create the site in a very catchy way. If the company has a new car model, that is what is supposed to appear as the first thing on the site. That is for the computers. When it comes to web design for mobile phones, the same is expected. When any client or any person logs on to that site, they should be able to see exactly what the site is trying to advertise or talk about. You need to do a lot of research as a web designer.

You have to define the need for the Mobile Site

If you decide to have a project for mobile web design, you need to have a reason as to why you are undertaking that project. You may not have to submit the reasons to anyone but it is always good that you define your reasons. Here are some reasons that might make you to have the project. First, if the site you are designing is new and it needs both the mobile and the desktop strategy. This is done when the site is new and you need to create a strategy for both the desktop and the mobile phone. Two, if you want to redesign the site that already exists and you want to add mobile functionality to it. If you are doing web design, you need to consider both the desktop and also the mobile phones. Three, if you need to add a mobile site to the desktop site that is in existence. If that is the case, it means that the already existing site will not change.

Ensure that you know the previous data before you move on

In the era where mobile phones were used for making phone calls only, the web designers and site owners focused on desktop web designing. Currently, the phones are used for more than just telecommunication. People are accessing the websites using the mobile phones. Before you give a go ahead to the web design for mobile phones, make sure that you know the kind of devices that your customers are using to access your site. This will help you to satisfy the requirements of your customers.

Use Web Design that is Responsive

There are a lot of mobile brands and devices that are being released annually and you as a site owner need to keep up with them. This has made the testing and launch of your site difficult. However, you still have to do what is right. Instead of designing different websites for the mobile and the desktop, you can design a website that is compatible with both these devices which is called a Responsive Web Design.

Be simple but practical

When choosing mobile website design, try your best to make everything simple so as it fits in the screen of the mobile phone. Do not leave out anything that is important in the name of simplification. Make your website beautiful so as to attract clients.

Consider single column layouts

When thinking of layout in web design for mobile phones, you should better consider single column layout. It is more efficient because it saves on space and it also helps in to flip between landscape mode and portrait. You can try the multi column layout that is used for the desktop and adapt it to the single column layout.

Consider providing feedback to your clients

This does not mean that you have to answer their questions. When designing mobile website, make sure that you program the buttons in such a way that when they are tapped, they respond in some way. A good example is the smart phones. When you touch any button, it changes to another color to indicate that it has been touched. If you provide a sign that shows a page is loading, it will also be good.

Choose collapsing mechanism when using the Vertical Hierarchy

Some web designers choose the vertical hierarchy and they include all the information that they want. This is one of the mistakes in a mobile web design. What they do not know is that this format occupies a lot of space. The moment you choose the vertical hierarchy, you ought to consider the collapsing mechanism. Let the user select what he/she wants and collapse what they do not need.

Test your site for effectiveness

Like any other project that you undertake, after you have done mobile website design, you should test it for effectiveness. You can approach a mobile company of your choice and ask them if you can use their devices for checking the effectiveness of your project. After that, you are good to go.

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