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Top 10 Tips to Use Google+ Effectively

Use Google

If you are thinking to share the right thing with the right person, Google Plus is an appropriate choice. Google Plus is a multilingual social networking and identity service launched on 28-Jun-2011. Here we will write the effective tips to use Google+ effectively.

1. Your introduction

The first and foremost thing is your introduction. Whether you are creating a personal profile or a professional one, your introduction should be quite good.

For this purpose create your profile. Provide all the required information. While writing about yourself, do not stretch too much as the reader gets annoyed or bored. On the other hand do not be too much limited! Write up to mark.

While writing about your products specify the best features on the top that should act as eye-catcher.

2. Specifying Keywords

Use best keywords on your Google Plus business page just as we do on our website.

3. Accessible information

The information must be accessible for the customers and prospects.

4. Tagline

The tagline should be quite accurate to describe your business and product that what you are all about. Keep it short. It should not be more than five words.

5. Add your blogs

It is effective to add your blogs in your Google plus profile or Google Plus page.

6. Connecting all your Public relation (PR)

Add your family, friends, colleagues, internet mates, business acquaintances and everyone you know on your Google Plus page or profile. Send invitations to the ones not using. Remember Google Plus was previously named as “Google Circle” so it is effective how huge your circle would be. Many new people will come to your page/profile through your existing connections. Some of them would be according to your choice. It maybe a person you are searching for or it may be a potential customer.

7. Embed a g +1 button on your website

It is highly effective to embed a Google +1 button to your website, for every post on your website.

8. Embed “Add to Circle” button

Embed an “add to circle” button on all your existing social media profiles and blog posts. This is a very effective way to bring more and more people to your Google Plus page/profile that have not been able to see your Google Plus page or profile. They may not be using Google Plus or they may never have got a chance to visit your profile or page. Even if they are on other social media it will bring them to your Google Plus Page.

9. Put a link to your page

Somehow similar tip like the above is to provide a link to your page on your email, website, social media profiles etc.

10. Be interesting

It is better if you are interesting and entertaining. Posting interesting videos and pictures is a good idea to gain attention. Your words and concepts play an important role but adding snap and pictures is always much more attractive.

Remember that Google + is different from all other social media sites. Firstly Google plus is accessible through multiple sites rather than one site like in other social media sites. Secondly it is search friendly and search focused. The information you provide on Google Plus Page/profile is useful in Google search. So keep this thing in mind.

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