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Turn Your Website Into A Lead Generating Monster

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For most people who are interested in your business or the services you are offering, the first time they interact with your company will be through your website. They may have landed there through a recommendation, followed a link from a search engine or may have actively searched for your business website. Either way, it does not matter.

These hits to your website are potential sales leads which your marketing department should be pursuing. So how can intelligent web design turn your website into a lead generating monster?

  1. Live Chat

If you install only one UX element on your website for active customer engagement, let it be this one. Numerous studies have shown that people avoid calling in even though a number may be prominently displayed. They find writing in to be much easier.

A live chat option allows them to get a response quickly without picking up the phone. Make sure that the chat is structured in such a way that the user has to enter their contact details before the chat begins.

  1. Special Offers

Every website that users go gives them an option to subscribe to their email newsletters or their blogs. Trust us that there are only so many times a user is bombarded with seemingly the same pitch before they just begin to tune it out.

A much more effective strategy is to have an enticing offer pop up where the user can get in touch (thus sharing their contact details) to avail of the offer. Depending upon the kind of business you run, this could be something like a flat discount, an email rebate, a free consultation or an estimate.

The added advantage of this method is that people who actively get in touch with your business, expect to be got back to and are thus receptive to hear your pitch.

  1. Make your ‘Contact Us’ tab prominent

This is something that seems like a common sense thing to do and so it is baffling when people make their contact information impossible to find. Depending upon the overall design of the website and the nature of the business, it may be a good idea to have a dedicated and easy to find a link to the contacts on every page of the website.

If it is not apparent to users immediately how they can get in touch with you then there is something that needs to be fixed.

  1. Use Communication channels your users are already on

It is almost certain that the overwhelmingly large majority of your users will be on social media (like the rest of the world!). Along with asking them for their email addresses or asking them to subscribe to newsletters, give them the option to get in touch through a simple tweet or a facebook message.

These are communication channels that are already well known to them and mean more to them than legacy forms of communication. Once again, the important thing here is to respond promptly. Users will leave with a bad taste in their mouth if their queries are not attended to in a reasonable amount of time or not met with relevant information.

Potential customers are much more likely to give their business to you after you have engaged them in a conversation.

  1. Be Honest and Upfront

There is value to be had from gleaning contact information but trying to trick users into providing their contact information or bombarding them with multiple pop-ups is not going to add value to your business.

Instead, lay out the option to subscribe to your email newsletter or add your blog to their RSS feed clearly and with subtlety. Have faith that the value you are providing with these products will be enough to convince users to get on board.

At Spark Interact, we take pride in being able to provide lasting value to our customers through thoughtful design. These elements are a small part of UI/UX elements that our full time in-house design team believes form the core of the website.

Using our expertise, we Spark Interact help you generate and convert more leads than ever before.

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